May 29, 2023


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- That was Christmas - VG

– That was Christmas – VG

Influence on the couple: Couples Ulrik and Julianne Nygård at the premiere of the VGTV series “When We Ruled the Internet” in November.

Influencer Julian “Pilotfrue” Nygård (31 years old) posted a photo of her coronation test, both hurtful and positive.


«Today he does not dare to look us in the eyes for once. It was ChristmasNygård writes to his 72,000 . followers on instagram.

Her husband Ulrik Nygård, 41, also shared a photo of himself with one Positive coronation in the hand.

«Merry Christmas from the Nygård . family“, he is writing.

Ulrik Nygård also allows himself to joke about the situation and displays a picture of the audition hanging as a decoration on the Christmas tree.

The couple doesn’t write who or how many are infected, but Julian writes in a text message to VG:

– I’m just injured so far.

Couple grants VG permission to view images:

Rampens: But the letter is no joke.

All family members are now in quarantine and must suspend all company plans.

I’m still breastfeeding, so I can’t isolate myself from the family, which is almost impossible with young children in general, says Julian.

Hope others in the family are not infected.

“We test both Ulrik and the kids every day to follow up on the process here at home, and so far all the tests are negative,” she says.

DECORATION: Here the test is hung on the tree at home at Vollen in Asker.

Get comfortable

«Oooh, lots of good improvements for everyone!fellow influencer Anna Rasmussen wrote while sharing Pilotfrue.

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“Very boring!! Improvement!”As influencer Louise Angelica Rice writes.

«Well you are 4Under the portrait of Ulric, writes artist Adrian Selevole.

Julian is also part of the new VGTV series “When We Ruled the Internet”: