Five injured in shooting at a nightclub in Marbella – VG

Nightclub: The filming episode must have taken place around Kuala Lumpur. 01.00 at the party venue Opium Beach Club.

MARBELLA (VG) Local police confirmed to VG that five people were injured in a shooting at a beach club in the popular Spanish resort of Marbella on Monday evening.


The shooting must have happened around Kuala Lumpur. 01.00. The local police are currently unable to provide information on the nationality of the injured.

local newspaper secrecy He writes that the suspected perpetrator was also sent to the hospital with serious stab wounds.

According to a number of Spanish media, two people, one of whom is a woman, were seriously injured.

El Confidencial gained access to video material purporting to show a handshake between two gangs of young men shortly before the shooting began.

The club was abandoned on Monday morning. Two strips of barriers are left alone at the beach club, which is located two to three kilometers east of the center of Marbella.

Watch the video from here:


VG spoke to several Norwegians who were present at the Opium Beach Club in Marbella when the shooting happened.

There was howling and people chanting “Pistol, revolver,” and then the crowd started running toward the exits, says a woman in her twenties to VG.

– She adds that everything was very dark and chaotic.

I arrived at the beach club with three other Norwegian women at 01:00 and had not yet arrived and sat at the table before the shooting started.

– It was hard to understand what it was at first, it sounded like a drumbeat.

The woman estimated that she heard three shots. Then there was complete panic.

– We ran out and hid a lot. She says people cried.

The women from Norway came unharmed from the accident, but one of them saw what she described as a seriously injured person lying on the ground. They don’t know if the person was shot or stabbed.

VG has been in contact with the State Department, which is investigating the case.

Dramatic: The extent of the shooting remains unclear. The picture will show the drama outside the nightclub in Marbella on Monday evening.


Another woman in her twenties, who also wants to remain anonymous, says the place was full of people, in connection with a concert with DJ Black Coffee.

– There were rumors that Drake would be coming, since he attended a concert with Black Coffee in Ibiza the day before. There was a big mess there from the start, she says.

As the artist mentioned the shooting episode on his own Instagram story:

“I hope everyone goes home safely,” Black Coffee writes.

Filming reviews: DJ Black Coffee hopes everyone gets home safely from the Opium Beach Club on Monday night.

Eventually, it developed into a stage fight, according to the Norwegian woman in her twenties:

– I was about to film the fight, but then we heard gunshots, and there was a complete panic.

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– Everyone turned around to run out, people ran over each other, and we heard one of them shouting, “He has a gun,” says the woman.

She could also see the onlookers hiding behind the sofa and bar counter in the nightclub. The woman in her twenties even ran out on the beach with her two Norwegian boyfriends.

– How are you now?

– We’re fine, but we didn’t sleep much last night, so we’re a little tired. Everyone was a little shocked, but I’m glad we found each other so quickly, she says.

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