We are soon at the end of the road – VG

We are soon at the end of the road - VG

STOCKHOLM / OSLO (VG) On Monday morning, negotiations between pilots and SAS management will continue for a sixth day. According to SAS’s chief negotiator, they will soon be at the end of the road.

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Marianne Hernes, the head of the talks, said they were approaching a time when they realized they had not made progress.

– We are soon at the end of the road, he tells journalists outside the negotiating room in Stockholm, and says that at some point you have to realize that the war has been lost.

When asked if she would “make it or break it” today, Herness answered yes.

Marianne Hernes, chief negotiator of SAS.

– If there is no agreement today it seems that mediation is over.

According to Hearns, if there is a deal during the day, it will take a relatively short time to get the planes back in the air.

On Sunday night, the parties ended the day’s talks after many of the participants had been awake for nearly 40 hours straight.

– Ineligible

– I expect we will have to find out whether there can be a solution or not. I think it is unworthy of all passengers and company. I have been with the company for 32 years. I love SAS. Henrik Thyrekot, president of the Danish Pilots’ Association, told reporters on the way to the talks, which start at 9 p.m.

Meets the press: Henrik Thyrekot, president of the Danish Pilots Association, on his way to talks in Stockholm.

– It could be a deal today. “It doesn’t have to be, but we hope so,” said Roger Cloxet, president of the Norwegian SAS pilots’ union, as he passed a group of reporters standing outside Næringslivets hus in Stockholm.

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The most important thing for pilots, he says, is to come up with a solution that everyone can live with.

– We are in a very strange situation, what I should call it. It’s like a neighbor stealing your house and demanding a higher price for you to buy it back. At the same time, the house next door is on fire and you have to help him put out the fire, says Cloxett and emphasizes that they are fighting for the livelihood of the pilots when the company is in a difficult situation.

Participant: Norwegian national broker Mats Ruland is involved in long-term negotiations in Stockholm.

The Norwegian national broker, Mats Ruland, is participating in the negotiations.

– Will there be an agreement today?

– It can happen. Let’s see what happens during the day. Hope we get their solution. That has been my goal and I haven’t given up yet, says Ruland.

He won’t comment on how far they’ve come, but says they’ve made steady progress in the past and the past few days.

Also in Stockholm is Jan Levi Skogvang, president of the SAS Norwegian Pilots Association in Barat.

The strike is now in its 15th day after more than 900 pilots went on strike on Monday, July 4. According to Claes Strath, one of the Swedish brokers, progress has been made in the negotiations.

He had earlier said that he had prepared a list of about 25 areas to be treated, many of which had been completed.

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Strath, who declined to say how many parts were left, said he had never experienced such lengthy negotiations before.

As per VG’s information, SAS management needs one A six-year collective agreement For the pilots, something that had never happened before in Norway.

Dealers of pilots should have said that they do not accept unusual maturities in such processes. SAS should have justified its claim with a long-term outlook for the potential investor, reports VG.

Galle: Many are wondering when the seats can be filled. It now depends on the negotiations taking place at the Næringingslivets hus in Stockholm.


The negotiations are complex, but central to the establishment of two new subsidiaries: SAS Merger and SAS Merger.

During the pandemic, the SAS was forced to lay off more than 500 pilots. According to the pilots, they were promised their jobs back when aviation resumed – but instead of being re-employed in the original SAS, they were reassigned to these subsidiaries with worse conditions than they had originally been in the SAS. .

According to Tonje Sund, press manager at SAS 114 pilots returned to SAS Scandinavia Others have chosen to go for SAS Connection or SAS Connection.

Strike guard: Picture shows t-shirts of striking pilots at Youngstorget in Oslo.

The conflict is over a real reorganization of the company and a demand from the pilots to maintain the Scandinavian model.

SAS says they want to build a profitable and sustainable airline for the future and restructuring is an absolutely necessary part of SAS Forward’s recovery package. But pilots believe they have to fight for basic rights.

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