Police, Melhus | The track was crushed by a blizzard – and then he did something “absolutely hair-raising”.

Police, Melhus |  The track was crushed by a blizzard – and then he did something “absolutely hair-raising”.

(Kaula newspaper) shortly before 01.00 Saturday night, following a tip-off about erratic driving, the driver of a van was stopped at Melhus.

– The car was stopped following a crooked complaint. Anders Sjothro, the UP MID chairman, tells Avisa Kaula that it was UP's patrol that stopped the car in Melhus.

Upon stopping the van, patrol officers discovered that the windshield was tinted and there was no visibility through large portions of the window.

It was Newspaper address The case was first noted and then reproduced Trønderbladet.

Drove from Oslo

A report of erratic driving came from Lundamo, but it turned out that the driver had been driving all the way from Oslo with a broken windshield.

– He was supposed to deliver groceries in Trøndelag, and he said the route was crushed by an avalanche in Oslo on Friday. Then he had an appointment to arrange the route in Oslo on Tuesday, so the plan was to go back to Oslo along that route, says Sjothro.

The UP manager was unkind in his explanation of the driver's behavior:

– This shows a complete lack of understanding of the risk it poses. It completely nourishes the hair.

was separated

The driver, a 30-year-old Swedish national, was reported and his driving license was confiscated.

Sjøtrø says that the car was not in the right sense, so to prevent the car from being driven, it was disassembled and the identifying marks seized.

– It is very rare that we come across such things. First off, I'm so glad it went well.

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UP Chief Minister is disappointed that a business operator is doing this.

– This cannot be defended in any case, it is completely incomprehensible that one can make such an assessment, but there are professional actors who act in this way; You have higher expectations than that, concludes Sjøtrø.

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