Closed by Doverbenen sinking – NRK Trøndelag

Synkehull Dovrebanen i Melhus

The case is being updated

Bane Nor first reported that a landslide had occurred between Ler and Søberg in Melhus and that the railroad had been closed.

– There has been a small landslide, and both regional trains and local trains will stop until work can be done on site, a reporter told the Bournor Marie Rogenes NRK after the news broke at 12 noon on Tuesday.

When the NRK reporter arrived at the scene shortly after, the crew at the scene had now defined it as a drowning.

The affected railways are SJ’s regional trains between Oslo and Trondheim and SJ’s local trains between Trondheim and Støren.

Several hours after train traffic on the Dover route was halted, there is still no overview of when it will resume.

Photo: Bent Lindsetmo / NRK

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post

Both Bane Knorr, a geotechnician and a contractor are on site.

– They are looking at what to do before traffic resumes, says Rogenas.

Bane Knorr still does not know how long the work will take. In an update at 14.30, the company writes that it is still closed between Lundamo and it is not known when it will reopen.

The new update arrives at 5 p.m..

Ace on Dovrebanen in Melhus

A geotechnician, contractor and people from the Pan Nor area are on site.

Photo: Bent Lindsetmo / NRK

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