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By Carrie Assen

It finally happened Many apartments started in the center of Milhouse and most of them are air conditioned for the age group 50/60++. A lot is under planning/construction.

To live old In apartments in the center I believe that health and freedom for the vast majority of them can live longer at home. It’s also easy to go abroad, they can shop in the local community and meet like-minded people. But Milhouse Center shouldn’t be just for seniors. There should be a place for all age groups in the center of Milhouse and I think the seniors should find themselves in a little more life and movement in the center. But where and how would that be possible?

We have restaurants And shopping malls with cafes can “save” the social community of some. Now the center will be demolished and something new will be built, with more apartments. In the middle of this apartment complex, there will be a beautiful courtyard where we can gather on the 17th of May. Then those with apartments in the center can stand on their balconies and watch the children and young adults gather once a year. I hear the irony of design here, but the requirement for us is that we live in Trondelag where the climate is not always conducive to using the benches and enjoying the fellowship outside.

gyms eFortunately, it’s a priority offering in Milhouse for everyone with those interests, but it’s not a common arena for everyone. The town hall has a lot of musical activities, but it is not available to everyone and there is, among other things, a lack of open space.

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Where is the common plaza, gathering place and activity space for different interests across ages and interests, regardless of weather and season?

Friday 2 July I read in Trønderbladet the headline I read a long time ago, “We want a place that has a stopping effect». At the end of the post, there was something that gave hope. «Melhustunet AS is located in the starting pit of the hub layout on the property, which will be staged for center purposes. Feasibility studies for this facility included the hotel, the conference center and the House of Culture. Then we’ll see what the future holds.”

I was visiting In the Kimen Culture House in Stjørdal it is a wonderful building. There I spoke to many and everyone rejoiced at the performances made by the building. Even I, who came from abroad, thrived in that building. Everyone who cares a little bit to see what other municipalities can achieve and not the least chooses to prioritize their own. I know Kimen was expensive, yes expensive, but it wasn’t anyone I spoke to that day as a subject. The theme was the incredibly diverse use of the building that created a community of many, not least, different interests, for all age groups. Stjørdal has a population of 24,145 and an area of ​​938km2. They have a good geographical location and they have achieved this.

There are several municipalities Nearby focuses on such a community. Afford Municipality has plans for its activity house. Aveorden has a population of 4,288 and an area of ​​1,329 km2, and they want to make it happen. Go online and find pictures and descriptions of what they intend to build!

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Milos has 16,733 With an area of ​​694 km2, what makes activity and cultural construction not our priority here? I think there is a lack of enthusiasm and politicians who see the need and the opportunity. What do they want to prioritize, how they will use the resources and what about the plans. Good collaboration with developers can be a resource, but it is also part of the challenge.

hallucinatory plans are «Feasibility Study Melhus Kultursal 2016“Where the municipality saw/assessed opportunities/alternatives for cultural buildings. The report is available on the municipality’s website. It may appear that these plans are on hold.

Since the merger of municipalities in the 1960s, it has become a political challenge to distribute benefits so that all parts of the municipality get what they want and need.

I mean the municipality for a long time He needed a common center with activities that anyone in the municipality could use that hopefully would give a sense of greater community to the whole municipality. Yes, I’ve read articles in the newspaper that someone wants a cultural building/activity center in Øysand or Leer. Of course there was a good area plan and there would likely be plots available there, but how many offers were there? These large community buildings should be accessible to as many people as possible. In the center of Milhouse and the surrounding area there are many users who can take off, and it is easily reached by bus, train and car for most people in the municipality. Additionally, there are other stores and service offerings that can be combined using the Culture/Activity building.

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I hope to measureMelhus should become a municipality, with a settlement where there are opportunities for the community across ages and interests no matter where you live in the municipality. On August 27, the newspaper reported that she was «I’m tired of vandalism» in Tambarton. «Not everyone does sports and therefore activities such as games can be an option. » There may be room for gaming communities in a cultural building, just as of course with space for seniors who want to sit and read newspapers there.

«Then we will see what the future holds». Waiting to see? Do we want that? In a couple of years there will be municipal elections and we can participate and influence until we have politicians who not only want apartments (I understand that they provide significant income to the municipality), but who also want to invest time and money in a mixed-use activity and a cultural center that everyone can use all year round.

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