Judge Goron Stiansen: – I won

Judge Goron Stiansen: – I won

Oslo: Goron Stansen of Venice sang Read All About It by Emily Sandy during the first episode of Stjernekamp on NRK Saturday Night. Stansen, the host, and the judges were all heavily influenced by her performance.

A little earlier, she spoke openly about the anxiety and depression she experienced after winning Idol, as she did with Fædrelandsvennen.

– She said in NRK I want to get back a part of me that I lost so many years ago. She then spoke about active everyday life outside the spotlight in her new hometown, Grimstad, before taking to the stage and performing the song.

This caused a great deal of controversy among the judges.

– our end! You won, exclaimed Judge Sandra Laing.

– I feel you nervous. She said, “You overcame fear.”

Chaoyi Bagua got up and clapped.

– You are an ambassador. This is about more than music. He said you are an ambassador for everyone who is afraid.

Host Kåre Magnus Bergh, who was exactly the same person who led Idol when she won, asked what it would be like to be in the same studio again.

– I told Egil (symbolic, editor’s note) many years ago that I should never stand here again. But then it’s too good to be back, said Goron Stiansen.

During the voting, Jorun Stiansen was one of the three who received the most votes from the audience, but none of the artists had to leave the program for the first time.

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