Flaws in popular applications are exploited by hackers

Flaws in popular applications are exploited by hackers

He writes LADbible.

Pegasus is a very advanced spy software that can, among other things, access your phone’s camera, listen to conversations, send messages, and record your phone calls.

It is a program that has been used to target journalists and politicians, and was reportedly discovered on a device that is part of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s computer network.

The latest vulnerability that allowed hackers to load Pegasus onto iPhones was found by the people behind Citizen Lab, a digital research team based at the University of Toronto.

They found that Pegasus was used on iPhones owned by activists, journalists and politicians in Catalonia in late 2019 and early 2020.

In a blog post, Citizen Lab wrote that the vulnerability, which was previously unknown but later named HOMAGE, could affect devices running any version of iOS earlier than iOS 13.2.

Fortunately, this is relatively good news, as the current version is 15.4, which is why users using a newer version will likely feel safe. Apple appears to have resolved the issue with version 13.2.

“Among the Catalan targets, we did not see any instances of the HOMAGE exploit being used against a device running an iOS version later than 13.1.3. It is possible that the flaw has been fixed in iOS 13.2,” Citizen Lab wrote.

Catalan MPs have been targeted, just as every Catalan president has been targeted since 2010.

Citizen Lab submitted its findings to Apple in hopes that it will investigate and help find the source of the attacks. But they themselves also pointed to a possible suspect.

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