Florence Pugh appeared in a sheer dress

Florence Pugh appeared in a sheer dress

This week, actress Florence Pugh, 27, stunned when she showed up in a completely see-through dress during Paris Fashion Week. The dress was pale lilac and had a plunging neckline, designed by Valentino and leaving little to the imagination.

You’ve never seen a star like this before

Plus, she dyed her short hair pink for the occasion.

There are many who praise the star’s outfit in her Instagram post, but there are also a number of followers who criticize this bold creation.


One of the actress’s followers wrote, among other things, that she should get a new hairdresser as soon as possible. Another wrote that she never knew how to dress.

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One follower asks, “Why is Florence Beau naked again?” , while another wrote this:

“Can someone tell Florence Pugh that constantly showing your breasts is vulgar?”

There are also many people on Twitter who are throwing themselves into the storm of criticism. Someone wrote that the outfit is totally ugly.

Respond to criticism

Pugh has received criticism for sheer dresses before, and then it wasn’t long before the magazine had its mouth watered and commented on the negative comments.

New photos cause a stir

New photos cause a stir

“It is so easy for men to destroy a woman’s body, publicly and proudly, for all to see. Many of you will forcefully tell me how disappointed you are with my “small boobs” or that I should be embarrassed to have such “small boobs,” she wrote and continued:

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“The most disturbing thing is… Why are you so afraid of breasts? Small? Big? Right? Left? Only one? Maybe no one? What’s so scary. Grow up, respect people, respect bodies, respect all women. Respect everyone.” Life will be so much easier after that, I promise. And it’s all because of my sweet nipples.”

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Pugh has not commented on the latest criticism.

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