Follow up smash hit – ITavisen

Follow up smash hit – ITavisen

Asus revealed that June 29 is the date for the unveiling of the new Zenfone 10 phone.

Unveiling the tenth generation June 29 9:00 pm

Zenfone 9 (5.9″) has received a lot of praise for its improved interface and good performance in a compact format, and now the company is pursuing its tenth generation. June 29 is the date when the company will reveal everything about the upcoming mini model. Asus boasts “unmatched power and seamless multitasking, powered by the latest chipset”, as well as better cameras and “smarter features”.

ASUS added more intelligence to Zenfone 10 by leveraging advanced AI features to take the user experience to new heights. From advanced user interface tweaks to smart camera features, Zenfone 10 adapts to a user’s needs and preferences, helping to make every interaction intuitive and easy.


Asus boasts that the Zenfone 10 redefines expectations for compact smartphones, combining the latest technology with a sleek, modern design. Asus reveals before the press conference on the eve of the month that the phone is equipped with a Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor.

The company also notes that it has improved photo and video capabilities, including better night and evening photos. We will follow the revelation on Thursday 29 June 15:00.

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