Food prices could rise sharply due to higher raw material prices – E24

Food prices could rise sharply due to higher raw material prices - E24

Grocery producers’ raw material prices rose by 70 percent. Companies are now warning that food prices could rise dramatically.

Increasing raw material prices may increase the cost of foods in the future.

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– It’s a harsh case of raw materials, with raw materials prices incredibly high. Sugar is up 40 percent, vegetable oils are up 60 percent, transportation from China is 10 times more expensive, and there are often delays too, Orkla CEO Jaan Ivar Semlitsch tells today’s work.

He says there will be price increases from Orkla.

– It’s absolutely necessary. It wasn’t like this 20 years ago, Simlich says.

A price increase on an exit coupon can have the effect of adjusting the price which is usually done during the new year, DN is notified.

Agra also announced higher prices. They own mills and are behind, among others, Melange and Delikat.

– It is difficult to see that this will not lead to higher prices. It’s a general picture of unusually high price increases, says CEO Knut K. Heje in Agra.

Many commodities are traded on the world market.

The prices of basic commodities are rising dramatically. The price of rapeseed oil is up 70 percent in the past year, and the price of the most commonly used plastics and aluminum has gone up 50 percent.

Ringness and kiwi are among those who believe that prices will generally rise.

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