Football, Corona | The star of Ireland, with an exciting statement to Corona:

Football, Corona |  The star of Ireland, with an exciting statement to Corona:

Irish player Callum Robinson refuses to be vaccinated despite being infected with the Corona virus twice and losing seven international players to Covid-19.

The Ireland striker tested positive in November 2020 and in August this year, and he missed seven international matches due to his illness. However, he has chosen not to be vaccinated against COVID-19.

– I’m not a restaurant, no. It’s my choice now. Of course, it’s annoying that I got hurt twice. I might get vaccinated later, but at the moment I have no plans for that, no, says the West Brom player ahead of Ireland’s game against Azerbaijan on Saturday.

Thus, Robinson is the first high-profile footballer to come forward and says he has not been vaccinated.

There are players and coaches who said I should do it, because they have the full right to do so. Everyone has a right to think what they want about this, but that’s my choice and my body. I never forced anyone to vaccinate, he continues.

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Eric Ase is the Editor of Championship Norway, and follows England’s second-highest level closely. He replied that the West Brom player had not been vaccinated.

When it comes to vaccination, I stand behind the same thing that Jurgen Klopp and Pep Guardiola have said. That all experts in the right fields recommend vaccines, and then I think people should be vaccinated. Especially footballers at the level who often set an example for others, he tells Netavissen.

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– I just didn’t do that

– I just didn’t do that. It’s my personal choice, the Irishman answers questions about why he wasn’t vaccinated, without wanting more details. Moreover, at the press conference, he refused to answer several questions about why he was not vaccinated, says the striker, who scored one goal in 20 international matches.

The forward has started this season brilliantly with three goals and a assist to score goals in his first three league games of the season, but he has walked off the field without goals in his last seven. The 26-year-old previously played in the Premier League for West Bromwich and Sheffield United.

Callum Robinson was healthy early in the season. His direct style and brilliant work ability make him an ideal player under Valerian Ismail’s playing style. The West Bromwich Albion coach prefers high pressure and direct attacking football. This way, Robinson fits perfectly. He’s been used everywhere in the attacking line-up, but first and foremost as a right winger or attacker, says Asi of the player.

Ireland coach Stephen Kenny has received two doses and is now fully immune. He admits there might be one NS A drastic move to take out only fully vaccinated players. This is despite the fact that U21 coach Jim Crawford has had to rule out seven players who play in the UK and Germany on his team because they are going to Montenegro, the so-called Red Country.

– It might be a bit radical to just say that those who have not been vaccinated are not allowed to join. I’ve never heard of anyone in any sport saying that. I am very happy to vaccinate myself and recommend everyone to do so.

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– A bit like drunk driving

Robinson’s statement came just days after that Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp could not understand why someone would refuse to take a coronary artery vaccine.

– If I say I’m vaccinated, other people say, ‘How can you tell me I’m going to get vaccinated? It’s a bit like drunk driving. We’ve probably all been in a situation where we had a glass or two of beer and thought we could still drive, but Due to the law we are not allowed to drive, so we cannot drive, he said.

– But the law is not there to protect me when I drink two beers and I want to drive, it is there to protect all other people, because I am drunk and we accept that it is a law, continued the German, who lost his mother after contracting the Corona virus last year.

Recently, there have been concerns that more players in the Premier League have not been vaccinated against the Corona virus. Just a few days ago, it was revealed that less than half of the league’s players had taken the vaccine.

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