– For me, they are just idiots – VG

- For me, they are just idiots - VG

RUKA/OSLO (VG) Calle Halfvarsson (33) thought he had taken a podium spot and took a huge Swedish and personal victory. But then the message came that he was not eligible. I made him angry.


– I am disappointed. It sucks, he told VG in a very brief comment about the jury’s decision.

against Swedish Express However, he is brutal in his assessment to the jury. He believes that the discussions in the jury room were not very interesting.

They were mostly smiling and happy with their decision, says Havvarsson.

Then he was asked what he felt then.

People are already so disappointed that I don’t care how they act. To me they are just idiots. They’d rather have an Italian on the podium because they think we Swedes and Norwegians are ruining the sport,” he says.

Reverse Aftonbladet He calls the jury “clowns.”

Convinced: Kalle Halvarsson finished what is believed to be third place in the 20-kilometer pursuit in Ruka, Finland.

The dramatic message came shortly after the finish line of the 20km pursuit in Rocca on Sunday.

The disqualification was due to Halfvarsson going off track markings on the last climb before the indoor ski run.

He should have actually smiled through the press area, as did Johannes Hosflute Kleibeuw and Pal Gulberg after they bagged the Norwegian’s brace on Sunday. It has become something completely different.

Instead, Italy’s Federico Pellegrino took the podium. He had a different view of the incident than his competitor.

– Callie has to find somewhere else to go. I saw that and I think the decision was fair. He told VG I’ve been shamed for the same thing many times.

Klæbo has the following message when he hears Halfvarsson’s depressing news:

– I feel sorry for Callie, I wish he’d come up to the podium. It looks like he’s getting his way again, Klæbo says to VG, it’s boring that he’ll lunge at him.

The Italians moved on: Federico Pellegrino took his place next to Johannes Hosflute Kleibeuw and Baal Gulberg when the awards were handed out, and victory photos were posed in Finnish Rocca on Sunday.

– I understand Callie is frustrated

Race director Michael Lamblott explains the shooting as follows to VG.

– We informed the teams and reminded them not to exceed the limits we set. On the final hill, Kali was skiing outside, which isn’t allowed and he took advantage of that, says Lamblott.

– Cali calls you fools and you say you wanted the Italian on the podium, so what do you say about that?

– I will not comment on that. I understand Callie is frustrated, but you should know that it’s not fun for anyone on a jury to impose penalties and especially not to insult anyone. But we have to follow the rules.

– cursed

Sweden’s national team manager, Anders Byström, told VG that they “clearly don’t agree” with how decision-makers assess the matter.

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– Jury says he’s way off course. But he does it with half his body and one ski. But he gains nothing from it. He says he feels very wronged and shamed for it.

He’s referring, among other things, to a situation in which Peter Northug performed a similar maneuver when the former king of skateboarding was active. After that, according to Byström, Northug only received a yellow card and was not disqualified. Now everything feels heavy, he says.

Swedish National Team Manager: Anders Byström, here since he was coach of the Norwegian National Cross-Country Skiing Team.

Bystrom says they have lodged a protest against the decision. It had already been rejected by the jury. Now they can appeal the case. But she probably won’t go that far. It is a longer process and requires both financial resources and time.

– You have to follow the rules, of course, but I don’t think anyone would have protested if he had been given approval for what he was doing there. There’s a lot of room to go, really, says Bystrom, and says the following about how the main character herself feels:

– Cursed Callie. But he had a great race, and we shouldn’t forget that, he says.


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