February 1, 2023


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For the first time in three years

For the first time in three years

May 17, 2022 is three years since both the royal family and the people celebrated in the normal way.

Last year and in 2020, the May 17 celebrations should be conducive to the corona epidemic. At that time, the public was not allowed to stay in front of the fort and the area was closed to control the epidemic.

This year, however, the Crown Prince’s family and the royal couple were able to meet in front of the palace for a parade of children of achievement.

– The royal family shines in red, white and blue on the palace balcony, and we’re just as excited as anyone else to celebrate May 17 again in a formal way, Royal House expert Carolyn Wagle tells DocBlade.

– For the previous two years they were on the balcony, but due to infection children pass by without a train.

On tour: On the eve of Princess Ingrid Alexandra’s 18th birthday, the royal family has shared a new video of a ski trip. Photo: Assen Movie / Congehusset
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Not uncommon

The Crown Prince’s family also welcomed the May 17 train earlier today from the stairs to the house at the Oscars, which has been a tradition since 1946. Crown Prince Couple and Princess Ingrid Alexandra (18) in PuneBut the castle balcony had changed into nice clothes.

– It is common for the family of the Crown Prince to change from the poncho they wear in the morning to Skokum, and we see what they have done this year as well, Wagley explains, and says:

May 17: The Crown Prince’s Family begins tomorrow with the Children’s Train, with Crown Prince Hagone, Crown Princess Mette-Marit, Princess Ingrid Alexandra and Prince Sverre Magnus. Video: NDP
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– Only on special occasions like big anniversaries do they keep the bonnet on the balcony.

After the children’s train, the royal house has a private lunch for the royal family, the Royal House said. Website. According to Wagle, traditional May 17 food is served there.

– Small and old can have both sausage and ice cream. The queen has said before that the king expects sausages just like children!

Long traditions

For more than 100 years, the royal family has received a children’s train from the palace balcony to Oslo. It was traditionally founded by King Hogan in 1906, but the first children’s procession was organized in Oslo in 1870 at the initiative of Bjன்rnstjர்rn Bjன்சrnsen.

At that time only men were allowed on the train, and only in 1889 were women allowed on. In 1902, Møllergata School became the first school to have its own orchestra, and three years later the tradition of Red Russians participating on the train began.

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