Forest fires in Croatia – VG

Forest fires in Croatia – VG

Many Norwegian tourists witness the forest fires in southern Croatia. – It still burns really well, says Kristian Eidsvik, who is on vacation in Mlini.


VG has been contacted by many Norwegian tourists in Dubrovnik.

– It still burns well. It’s burning in two places on the side of the mountain and there’s a lot of smoke and fall in the area, says Kristian Idesvik, who is on vacation in Mlini and Cavat.

“It looked very scary for a while earlier this morning,” he adds.

Edsvik says the fire has died down a bit since the nighttime hours.

According to Hanja Shah who is in the same area, the fire has been stopped.

– It was very noisy, and there was a lot of chaos and uncertainty among the tourists.

– and adds that the locals and staff at the hotel took it more calmly.

Here they are evacuated:

18 firefighters responded

Several local newspapers in Dubrovnik Reports of a forest fire in Croatia.

According to newspapers, fires broke out in several areas near the city of Dubrovnik, including the Plat and Mlini districts.

The fire broke out in Platt at midnight on Tuesday, Writes the newspaper Dnevnik.

A fire crew of 18 firefighters rushed to the area.

The fire: Kristian Eidsvik is on holiday in Mlini as a forest fire broke out on Tuesday night.

Forest fires ravage Europe

Forest fires are now being extinguished in a number of countries affected by heat waves in Europe.

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Recently, there have been major forest fires in Portugal, Greece, France and Spain.

Heatwaves in Europe have led to record temperatures, and climate scientists are concerned.

Earlier in July, four global heat records were set in one week, and climate scientists think 2023 could be the hottest year on record.

The Red Cross has already prepared itself to confront extremism around the Mediterranean.

– Our sister associations in the Mediterranean do a lot to take care of the elderly when this happens, as the Red Cross previously told VG.

The fire: burning in Mlini near the big city of Dubrovnik.

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