Former World Cup media director thrown in prison

Former World Cup media director thrown in prison

Then I was surprised that the visit was canceled by the prison administration for “security reasons” without further explanation.

– An hour ago, we received information from the prison that Abdullah was placed in solitary confinement today, as his brother Ziad Abhais told TV 2.

Abdullah recently got an Ibhais He refused his appeal for the third time.

I got a three year prison sentence

The 36-year-old was jailed after documenting that migrant workers who worked in stadiums and were directly linked to the World Cup committee had not been paid for four months.

Abhaes is serving a three-year prison sentence after a trial in Qatar, which was based on his so-called confession, which he allegedly obtained under duress.

On December 15, 2021, an appeals court upheld his conviction on charges including misuse of public funds and reduced his prison sentence from five to three years.

Abhays said that security forces forced him to sign a confession and that he was punished for criticizing migrant workers’ handling of the strike.

Qatari authorities rejected these allegations.

Blogger in hiding from barracks in Qatar: – Similar to modern slavery

Both Amnesty International and the Norwegian Football Association were implicated in the case.

Amnesty analyzed the sentences and found no evidence that Abhas had committed anything criminal.

They demand the Qatari authorities to:

  • Immediate release of Abdullah Ibhis and reversal of his sentence.
  • He investigates allegations that he was threatened and forced to confess, and those responsible are held accountable in a fair trial.
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