– Fortunately we are here today – VG

- Fortunately we are here today - VG

Celebrities flocked to the premiere party for Vegard Harm and Morten Hegseth’s new talk show.


Thursday night is set for the premiere party for Vegard Harm and Morten Hegseth’s new talk show «Harm & Hegseth. Norwegian celebrities gather in Pygmies for a party.

Morten Hegseth says they hope the project will “slow down a bit”.

– It will be fun and enjoyable.

Who is jealous

– Are you good friends outside the talk show world?

– No, but Hexeth says with a smile that we have become best friends.

Vegard Harm says they have become best friends.

– But we keep our privacy separate. Because we are so much together. We are lucky to be here today and it could have gone straight to hell. Because I’m lazy, says Harm.

– And I’m very jealous, says Hexeth.

Check out the premiere here:


Ida Flaton is back a month after undergoing thyroid surgery.

– This is so much better. This is the first time I’m been taking a glass for a long time.

– How long?

– It’s only been a month since I had surgery, and before that I had a corona, so now it’s starting to get closer for a few months.

Speech show

VGTV Profiles Harm and Hexeth recently released News about their new talk showThere they expand the target audience.

– Now we will make the perfect TV for the first time in our lives, Morton Hexeth told Vijay at the time.

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Both were proud of the concept – most of the content has already been done, sketches have been recorded and ideas have been developed. Each time they went to the recording, they had a plan – the copywriter, and they thoroughly researched the incoming guests.

The first episode of “Harm & Hexeth” aired on VGTV on Friday, featuring artist and “Company Lourdeson” current tone Tomley and comedian Lisa Tone as guests.

Harm and Hexeth spent eight years with the VGTV show “Panelet”. There they interviewed celebrities, talked about reality TV and discussed celebrity news.

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