Fossum, Terrell Eickhoff | Terrell Eckhoff is in doubt about his future plans: – He must find a new direction in life

Fossum, Terrell Eickhoff |  Terrell Eckhoff is in doubt about his future plans: – He must find a new direction in life

(The newspaper online🙂 A little more than a year ago, Terrell Eckhoff, 33, of Fossum gave up being a professional biathlete.

However, the cheerful and energetic 33-year-old has not given up on the sport and has been a TV 2 expert for the past year.

At the same time, she was trying to figure out what she wanted to do next.

Besides her work as a commentator, Eickhoff studies human resources and management, but it's not a given that she will end up with a classic eight-to-four job. The former biathlon star hasn't quite figured out if this is actually something for her.

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– Must find a new direction

It's on a new episode of the podcast “Theft with an accent”led by Ton Damle (36) from Blumenholm, revealed that Terrell Eckhoff was asked what it was like to put the skis on the shelf and become “retired”.

She didn't hide that she was special.

– I have to find one A new direction in life. It's very strange, kind of a contradiction. “Very delicious, very strange,” she says.

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As mentioned, she studies, but at the same time, Eickhoff values ​​her freedom very much. Because of this, she can't quite figure out what she wants, the 33-year-old revealed in the podcast episode.

Eckhoff previously told Nettavisen She wants to find something that gives her something. But what it will be remains to be seen.

Doubts about the future of television

However, Eickhoff's future career probably won't be in reality or anything like that.

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Earlier this year, she participated in her first reality show, “Master of Masters,” and she says on the podcast that it was a very nice experience. Synchronized She made no secret that it was a little difficult at the same timeWhich you now also repeat:

I think it was a bit difficult to be part of a reality show. She says: “There was a lot of intense filming and things I wasn't used to.”

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When presenter Tun Damle asked her if she added flavour, she replied: “Both and.” Among other things, she's a little unsure whether she likes the well-known “reality bubble.” For this reason, she doesn't necessarily think there will be more of it.

But she still keeps the door open a little.

Am I going to be such a real-life bitch? She laughs. I drive the car and weigh it a little for or against.

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