Princess Märtha Louise – Martha’s Secret Message

Princess Märtha Louise - Martha's Secret Message

On Wednesday, September 22nd, Princess Märtha Louise turns 50 years old. At the time of writing, it was not known how she would celebrate, but today it is guaranteed to be marked. family in general Good at partying both big and small.

For the princess’ birthday, we allow ourselves to take a very small look at her 30th birthday, which was celebrated with great fanfare in Bergen 20 years ago.

On that occasion, she also sewed a very special dress, which charms to this day.

Historic dress: When Princess Märtha Louise celebrated her 30th birthday, she wore a custom-made dress emblazoned with symbols of things that happened in her life over the first 30 years.  Photo: Bjørn Sigurdsøn / NTB
Historical dress: When Princess Märtha Louise celebrated her 30th birthday, she wore a custom-made dress filled with symbols of things that happened in her life over the first 30 years. Photo: Bjørn Sigurdsøn / NTB
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Martha loves clothes with hidden codes and secret messages, and it was precisely this passion that she lived to the fullest at the 30th anniversary party.

Together with designer Wenche Lyche, she created an innovation that has summed up her life so far with images and symbols.

There were, among other things, pictures of her favorite horse, a Volkswagen Beetle, Kvitebjørn kong Valemon and the dice rolling six.

Doric: In the second episode of “Helt Harald,” Princess Märtha Louise narrates how she met Shaman Doric.
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Many believe the latter referred to Ari Behn’s critically acclaimed book “Sad as Hell,” which he himself painted on his arm. But she revealed herself because of the praise she received for the outfit at her brother’s wedding earlier that year.

She ran the sixth dice: The princess was praised for this creativity she used at her brother's wedding, which she passed on as dice on her birthday dress a few months later.  Photo: Lise Åserud / NTB
Sixth dice roll: The princess was praised for this innovation she used at her brother’s wedding, which she transferred as a cube on her birthday dress a few months later. Photo: Lise Åserud / NTB
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Greetings to Ari

On the other hand, Ari’s tribute to the 30-year-old’s gown was the pool ball on his hip, which was taken from the front of his book. The couple was dating at the time. Only later that year, news of their engagement came out.

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Martha’s adorable dress is also embroidered with a boar. A lot of people might have thought it had to do with her growing up on a farm, but it was more of an alternative than that. The pig is the zodiac sign of the princess in the Chinese horoscope.

I always ask clients of my wedding dress for their zodiac signs. The designer said I like to use stones that belong to the character VG former.

Follow up: In “Märtha” on TV 2, Princess Märtha Louise talks about her relationship with Ari Behn. She described the first time as “very private,” and says they were persecuted 24 hours a day. Video: TV 2
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In addition, among other things, a Maratha lily, stars, a butterfly on the stomach, a truck and a tomato were also sewn.

– Just when I thought of raising my hand in class, I was red, so everyone called me a tomato. I had “Tommaten” with two m on russelua, the princess told me why she chose tomatoes according to VG.

talk to clothes

The princess made an impression with the 30-year-old’s dress, but it wasn’t the first nor the last time she had dressed up with secret codes and messages.

The day before her wedding, she wore a dress – also by Wenche Lyche – with a text written by herself in English:

The Night Before Night: The day before the princess married Ari Behn, she wore a dress with a script written by herself.  Photo: Gunnar Lier / NTB
evening before evening: The day before Princess Ari Behn married, she wore a self-taught dress. Photo: Gunnar Lier/NTB
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“When they met, every moment became eternal, and every eternal moment embraced their love.”

Who does not remember much controversy? Yellow and red dress From the wedding of the Crown Prince in Spain, which was a tribute to the bride and groom in the form of the colors of the country.

criticism received: Princess Märtha Louise opens up about the storm of criticism she faced after the opening of The English School in 2007. Video: Bertrand’s World / Radio Norway. Reporter: Elias Cr. Saturn Petersen
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– that clothes are language is no secret, and Martha Louise took it many times, well – literally. She may not be a fashion icon, but she is a living example of how fun clothes and fashion can be. The dress she wore when she turned 30 embodies it, designed by Norwegian clothing designer Wenche Lyche known for her partly unconventional styling with an emphasis on personality and surprise, Ida Elise Einarsdóttir, director of fashion and beauty at KK, tells Se Oog Hør.

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DO LIKE MORTHA: US politician Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez at this year's MET gala picked up a dress with the caption
Do as Mortha: US politician Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez appeared at this year’s MET gala in a gown that read “Tax the Rich”. Photo: Mike Coppola/AFP/NTB
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If you see fashion as more than just clothing, it is undoubtedly a symbol-bearer, and clothing that carries personal messages, though often political, has become a fashion. Just look at Met Gala and Congressman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s dress this week with the caption “Tax the rich” or Dior with Chief Designer Maria Grazia Chiuri on her head and her “female revolution” that started with the T-shirt with print and continues: “We should all be feminists.”

Layout in Freery: In an interview with Vanity Fair, Durek Verrett revealed that he plans to make an offer to his girlfriend, Princess Märtha Louise.
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Make your own clothes

However, the princess’s interest in clothes was not always there.

– Before that, I only wore breeches. But then I met a man very interested in clothes, who made me familiar with Norwegian design, the princess said in her letter of thanks when she received the honorary award at the Fashion Awards in Oslo in 2007.

Today, the princess manages the clothes herself. In 2020 the enterprise It’s clothing brand Hèst, with Monica Sundt Utne and Anne-Kari Bøhaugen. Knitting sets are sold at Ferner Jacobsen, among others, and now the trio will Knitting book published.

behind the scenes: Join Märtha Louise behind the scenes as she will air on an art project about the four elements. Video: TV 2
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