The premiere of the film is ready in Cannes:

The premiere of the film is ready in Cannes:

I think many, almost everyone, can identify themselves in parts of Signe. Kristin Kogath Thorpe says you feel a little ashamed to see her, to be a modern person.

She is in Cannes for the “Sick Girl” premiere. This is your first time in movie city.

Incredibly fun and a little scary, I was really nervous before I came here. It’s a bit of a surreal experience. I never thought I’d test my being here and now I’m here.

It’s hot by the pool in a villa just outside Cannes city centre. The Mediterranean is right below the balcony. Sunglasses should be worn for bright light. I just attended an event, hence the magical vibe.

By the Mediterranean: Christine Kogath Thorpe by the pool in Cannes. Life during the film festival is about interviews, dress-up experiences, and a number of other events. Photo: Santiago Vergara.

Kristen Kogath Thorpe (30) has starred in the films North Sea and Ningababy in recent years. For her leading role in Ninjababy, she received the Best Actress award at the Amanda Awards last year.

I am very happy that she has gone well in the last years of my career. I’ve got projects that I’ve really dreamed of. I can choose what I want to do by myself. It’s rare to be as lucky as an actor.

I’d love to pay attention

The only Norwegian contribution to Cannes this year is “Sick Girl” by Christopher Burghley. He resides in Los Angeles. The main character Signe lives in a very competitive love affair. When her boyfriend experiences a quick career leap, Signe starts doing whatever gives her the intense attention she wants. Kristen thinks the movie says a lot about the time we live in, but most don’t go to the extreme measures that Signe does to be seen.

Director: Christopher Burghley is the man behind “Sick Girl.” He lives in Los Angeles and is making films in Cannes for the first time. Photo: Cannes Film Festival

– How was the recording?

Very interesting and fun. But also incredibly demanding, because there is a lot of special makeup in this movie. Put two and a half to seven hours in the makeup chair every day before recording. I had to get up very early.

At the same time, the role required him to play, because she doubted whether the main character lied or not. It was like playing two roles in one.

Cannes is all about seeing and being seen. On and off the red carpet. The movie city is famous for its star industry.

– I’ve tried it on a smaller scale in Scandinavia and thought it was more than enough. Here they have a “game”. So there is a lot of talk about dresses, glamor and how to look. It is a very overwhelming and enjoyable experience. But you also get a little Janteloven on top of you.

Among other things, she attended the dinner of the luxury brand Louis Vuitton.

– Should I be at that dinner with the great actors and world-class movie personalities? It just feels a little weird that I’m from the eastern end of Oslo to have to stand here all of a sudden and mix in with the bluff, sort of.

She does not dream of an international career, but would like to continue as she is now. Get exciting roles and play in the movies that have something on their mind. Whether it’s in Scandinavia, the United States or France. For the past 11 years, she has lived in Copenhagen. This enabled her to work in both Norway and Denmark.

Gruyere: We're also looking forward to the premiere on Sunday night.

Gruyere: We’re also looking forward to the premiere on Sunday night. “People are either shocked or love the movie,” says Kristen. Photo: Santiago Vergara / TV 2

Sunday night is the premiere of the film in Cannes.

I hope the movie gets a lot of attention. People are either shocked or love it.

Are you afraid or looking forward to the premiere?

– It scares me, sure, but I’m happy too. I think it will be a sweaty hand and your wrist trembling. I just have to jump in on it, not thinking about it too much. I just hope people like the movie.

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