Found a murdered couple in the garage

Found a murdered couple in the garage

At the end of November, Thomas (87 years old) and Janice Walker (85 years old) were found murdered in their home in Clearfield, Utah, USA.

The couple were struck with a hammer and then shot dead.

The perpetrator was their grandson, the police state, in a press release.

He is still at home

On November 23 at 15:10, the police received an emergency call from the couple’s daughter, who was also living in the house with her son.

She said she came home to find her mother and father murdered in the garage.

Furthermore, the woman said she believed the perpetrator was her son.

– She said he’s still at home.

Arrested without drama

Shortly thereafter, police arrived at the scene, where they found the woman, aged 60, in the garage with her murdered parents.

The man was arrested without drama and, during the interrogation, confessed that it was he who killed the ancestors.

He is now charged with two counts of premeditated murder, illegal weapon possession and drug possession, among other things.

Locked in the garage

In cross-examination, the man said he thought a family member would hurt him, and that he had hit his grandparents with a hammer.

He is then said to have cut the wire to the garage door so it could not be opened. Then he shot them both.

He was released on bail pending trial after a brutal assault in 2019, according to police.

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He then allegedly assaulted his girlfriend in the same garage and forcefully hit her head with the hood of her car.

The man is now in detention without the possibility of bail.

Work as a volunteer

According to the police, Thomas and Janice were known for their volunteer work in the local community.

They were members of the Clearfield City Citizens Patrol.

– They have worked countless hours for their local community, up until 2019, the police wrote in a press release.

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