Fraud and Artificial Intelligence | New Scam: – He looks just like your brother

Fraud and Artificial Intelligence |  New Scam: – He looks just like your brother

(The newspaper online) In parallel with the increasing digital transformation of society, fraudsters are becoming smarter and more determined.

According to Okokrim, the number of digital fraud reports has increased by 60 percent in the past 10 years, Friendi Forseekering wrote in a recent press release.

Development is expected to continue in 2024.

You should be reasonably skeptical when uncovering the best scams we're seeing now, says Tina Jerstad at Tenerity.

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– Then it occurred to me that he was simply a serial killer. And I fell into the trap of his lies.

– Understands that people fall into the trap

SMS fraud has gradually become a widespread method used by fraudsters to secure sensitive information. At tax notification times, for example, you might get an SMS asking you to log in with your bank ID to check what you're getting in tax, says Jerstad, who also points to startling statistics.

– SMS fraud is increasingly being used, and in a survey conducted by Frende, 91 percent of 1,007 Norwegians asked said they had been contacted by this type of scammer, says IT Security Manager at Frende Forsikring, Tron Ingebrigtsen.

Tenerity says the number of cases where victims give up their bank ID has increased tenfold in just a few years.

-I understand very well that people fall into the trap. When the phone shows the police are calling, you answer. When a bank sends a letter saying they want to stop a fraud attempt against you, many people are happy and do what they say, says Jerstad.

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Use Fraudsters can also filter out typos and other deficiencies in a potential fraud report.

Artificial intelligence has become so advanced that it is possible to be sent a voice message from someone who, for example, looks exactly like your brother. However, this method is not widespread in Norway yet.

Telia Norge fraud expert Øyvind Christiansen said recently The newspaper online Fraud attempts have become more targeted.

– We saw a three-fold increase in fraud calls at the end of the year, and this can largely be seen in relation to shopping holidays such as Black Week and Christmas shopping, says Christiansen.

It claims Telia stopped 18 million fraud attempts targeting Norwegian customers during the last three months of last year.

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This is positive

Despite the worrying trend, Friendi Forecasting lists five positive trends for 2024.

  • AI can also be used to keep criminals out of systems.

  • Telecom operators are working to block calls from scammers. This will reduce the amount of fake SMS and calls from scammers who hide the sender.

  • You're better protected than ever if you go on a rampage. The new financial agreements law means that bank customers will be covered for the entire loss, minus the deductible, if they fall victim to BankID fraud and abuse. The excess varies depending on how negligent you are.

  • The police are investigating cases of fraud. The more reviews they get, the easier it is to expose gangs. You contribute to the fight against cybercrime by reporting what you encounter.

  • In the past two years, the number of cases in which unauthorized persons purchase goods or borrow money in your name has declined sharply.

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