Adele has moved in with her father – and fears it will be years before she can afford her own

Adele has moved in with her father – and fears it will be years before she can afford her own

Adele Gjelsten, 26, stands in a brand new apartment in Ålesund. In a short time, the residential complex will be completed and 76 enthusiastic buyers will move in.

But Adele Gelston won't be one of them.

She works as an electrician in a new building – a new flat here is the closest thing to her dream.

– This flat will go for around 4.5 million, I have no chance, she says as she pulls the cables to the fuse box.

Adele Gelston works as an electrician and likes to build for herself. Now she is saving money and looking for a place to hide.

Photo: Mia Sophie Itreberg / NRK

Return home to the Father

Recently she returned to the women's room with her father at Fixtall in Westness.

In recent years, she rented, but when the landlord needed to renovate, she had to leave. The solution is to return home while she searches for a new place to live. Hope she can save extra money.

Gjelsten single, and with A income, she cannot afford a place to live.

– It's a little trickier, but it gets more and more expensive and harder and harder, she sighs.

Adele Gelston at home

Adele Gelston now lives at home with her father, who is saving up and looking for a new apartment.

Photo: Private

A 26 percent risk problem

The 26-year-old electrician isn't alone in experiencing the cost of owning and renting.

In Norway it is Almost a million People who pay to live in a house or apartment owned by someone else.

A new report shows that 26 percent Now renters are at risk of not being able to pay themselves.

– There is a large proportion at risk of getting into real financial trouble. If you don't pay rent you will be evicted. SIFO researcher Christian Poppe says.

A report prepared by consumer research firm SIFO on behalf of Husbanken also shows that 8 percent of home loan borrowers are at risk of defaulting on their loans.

SIFO researcher Christian Poppe

SIFO researcher Christian Poppe says many people are currently in dire financial straits.

Photo: Eivind Rohne / OsloMet

Many families with children are struggling financially

The report also points to entirely new groups that have been adversely affected by multiple increases in interest rates and are at risk of no longer being able to pay their debts or rent:

  • Couple with children – will increase 4.5 to 14 percent
  • Households with income between NOK 800,000 and NOK 1 million – 2 to 13 percent increase

Among those struggling, these groups have increased sharply in the past two years. According to SIFO researchers, these are mostly young people with large home loans, in the establishment phase and early in their working careers.

He says there is a group that may have problems paying, and they shouldn't because the income is high.

– But can't they reduce consumption?

Yes, but some expenses are more fixed, for example mortgages or rent, and joint expenses. There are so many costs that you can't do anything about in the short term, says the researcher.

Interest Calculator

The calculator uses the annual loan formula to calculate your monthly expenses. Nominal interest is used here. That means there will be an additional transaction fee that varies from bank to bank. Today's interest rate is taken from DNB's youth mortgage interest rate, and different banks have different interest rates. So the figures given here are approximate for you. Monthly expenses include interest and repayments.

Read more about resources and reservations here.

See how much you'll pay if interest rates rise.

A dream of owning something

Adele Gelston checks her phone every day to see if there is a place to rent. As a rule, it is too expensive, too little or too bad. Gjelsten wants a kitchen big enough for cooking and enough space for her entertaining.

Checking apartments for rent

Adele Gelston checks available apartments almost daily. As a rule, they are very expensive or very small.

Photo: Mia Sophie Itreberg / NRK

The hope is that eventually she will be able to save enough to buy a place to live. The 26-year-old aims to move into her own apartment before she turns 30.

– My dream is to own an apartment. Owning something that feels like home, she says.

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