Fresh rain in southern Norway, lots of snow at high altitudes

Fresh rain in southern Norway, lots of snow at high altitudes

Forget the down jacket and wear something water repellent. Now it will be splashy weather, especially along the west coast. In the mountains to the west, the snow can be up to half a meter.

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A new depression is forming over Scotland. It will hit western Norway tonight and southern Norway tomorrow.

Mostly in the west

– It will rain in almost all of southern Norway tomorrow. Østafjells receives the most rain at the beginning of the day. Western Norway and Trøndelag will see widespread rain throughout the day. In low-lying areas, precipitation will fall as rain, and there will be more snow, meteorologists write in X.

It is mostly in the west and higher up.

– A snow warning is in place for the western highlands with 25-50cm of snow above 300m. State meteorologist Geir Ottar Fagerlid tells VG there is also a risk of snow in the mountains and covered mountain passes. He believes people should at least be prepared to drive a convoy.

– In low-lying areas, most of the precipitation comes as rain.

But here from the western hills, we are expecting 10 to 25 mm of rain in the next 24 hours. Between five and 10 mm is expected in Oslo.

Snow on snow

The snow line is about 100 meters. This means that a white coating will quickly form over the blue-black ice.

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– A good amount of snow falls on top of the ice, so it's hidden. Hidden snow is frightening, state meteorologist Geir Ottar Fagerlid tells VG.

– For example, will the snow on the streets of Oslo have time to melt?

– The temperature is too low for adequate melting. Temperatures have been dropping since this afternoon and will be minus degrees tonight before rain sets in.

Although rain is expected along the coast, the weather is so volatile that it's hard to put two lines under the answer, says Fagerlid.

The current low pressure depression is not the same storm that hit the UK recently.

– A short storm on the coast of Rogaland

– but it's a solid winter low pressure. Fagerlid says there may be a small storm off the coast of Rogaland tonight.

– to use a cliché – we are in a period where low pressures are coming like pearls on a string.

– Is most of it done by tomorrow morning?

– The worst winds and precipitation will arrive tonight and early morning, while thunderstorms will affect western Norway and Trendeluk throughout the day. Northern Norway will have cold and stable wintry weather with snow on Wednesday, and more on Thursday, Fagerlid says.

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