Fritz Annes “Head in Question” –

Fritz Annes "Head in Question" -

ULLEVAAL Stadium (Dagbladet):

“There are probably more times in the year that they think I’m a decent man.”

“When I speak, the rest of wrestling in Norway should shut up.”

Quotes are from national wrestling coach Fritz Anas in the new NRK documentary series “Head in a Pinch”. The series followed the national wrestling team closely for an entire year leading up to Olympic qualification earlier this year.

Despite the fact that former Olympic medalist Stig-Andre Berge is involved, it was Aanes who became a real star on TV.

Focus: National team coach Fritz Anas is getting a lot of attention in the NRK series “Head in Trouble”. Photo: Ragnar Molstad / NRK
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The series became popular in a short time, and Ainz notes the extra attention.

– There was only positive feedback. I actually expected a few people to hate me. But so far it has gone well, Aanes told Dagbladet at the last press conference before the wrestlers started the World Cup on their home soil.

– Will you stop on the street?

– Yes, I may have, yes. My daughter thought it was too embarrassing. She was asked at school what her father was working on and then she just replied that I work in an office. She is more embarrassed than that.

Nawras: Not everyone was equally happy on behalf of Morten Thørsen after the gold medal at the European Championships in 2020. Video: Red card
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I’m not surprised

He was not particularly surprised because in a short time he became one of the main characters of the series.

“I was hoping the athletes would play the leading role, but I’m really not too surprised, because when you come from Narvik you’re used to being in the middle,” Ainz told Dagbladet at the last press conference before the wrestlers started the World Cup at home.

For those who watched the first episodes of the NRK series, there’s no doubt that Aanes, to put it mildly, is saying what he means.

– The weather is a bit harsh. I am a person who loves to talk straight and honest. Obviously, he does not appeal to all athletes, but honesty lasts longer, and the main character himself answers questions about his training style.

– Do you have any examples?

– I don’t want to go into specific examples, but there are a number of times they interact with my use of language, but I’m from Northern Norway so I have a slightly different relationship to language use. It’s not a bad thing, Anas says, but it’s just my accent.

Had to apologize

Sometimes it was so hot that even Aanes had to apologize for his outbursts.

-Obviously when you have a style that I have, there are going to be things that need to be cleaned up afterwards. It has happened several times.

Are there things you regret?

I have obviously regretted many times the things I said and did. Where I had to apologize and not least call the practitioners in the evening and probably didn’t quite keep to myself, but I did apologize for the way I said and did things.

However, neither Berg nor Thorsen remember receiving an apology from the president himself.

– No, does he have? No, but I know I’ve already apologized to him, Thorsen says and laughs.

– Then I have to think. He did not apologize to me for speaking to me. Berg explains that it may have something to do with the fact that I have known him for many years and know a little bit what should go in one ear and come out in the other, and what I should take with me.

DUO: When Stig-Andre Berge joined, he formed a coaching duo with Fritz Aanes.  Photo: Ali Zare / NTB

DUO: When Stig-Andre Berge joined, he formed a coaching duo with Fritz Aanes. Photo: Ali Zare / NTB
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Rough to look

Aanes also admits that it can sometimes be difficult to see himself on TV.

– It’s a bit hard to sit back and watch yourself on TV and hear the stern lines. You know the truth behind things and how to cut.

However, he doesn’t think NRK has cut it out to be a different person than he is.

Basically, I’m defending my identity and I didn’t think they cut me off to be someone else, because I’m not. I’m the one you watch on TV.

However, Berge promises Aanes more moderate in the next episode.

– You’ll see a slightly different side of Fritz later in the series. He’s the tough guy, but he’s also the one who pats you when you’re going through a tough time or things go wrong. He hasn’t come out yet. So I think it’s hard for the Narvik Vikings to have a little break in the picture when the slightly softer side appears.

The World Championship Wrestling kicks off on October 2 and runs until October 10 and all competitions will be held at the Gordal Amphitheater in Oslo.

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