FRP Leader Against New Abortion Law | ABC News

FRP Leader Against New Abortion Law |  ABC News

– Increasing the number of weeks for self-determined abortion is incorrect. I believe these should also have legal protection, says Frp leader Sylvi Listhaug Television 2.

She rejects a proposal by the majority of the government's abortion committee, which would have increased the limit for self-determined abortions to the 18th week of pregnancy.

– It's a question of where the borders should go, and I think borders are working well today. Listak told the media that this is a law that has served women well over the years.

He has the support of his two vice-presidents in the party, Hans Andreas Limmy and Bart Hoeksroot.

Today's law

The limit for self-determined abortion in Norway is currently up to the 12th week of pregnancy, and the law has remained the same since 1979.

According to the current law, a pregnant woman must apply for termination of her pregnancy between the 13th week and the 22nd week. The application must be decided by a panel of two doctors.

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Healthy fetuses are considered viable at the end of the 22nd week of pregnancy, so abortion is not allowed after that.

Divided opinions

But even if the party leadership does not want to allow more women to have abortions, opinions are divided in the Frp's parliamentary group.

– This is a question that we at FRP are free to say whatever we want about it. “There are different opinions on this in the FRP and I support what I think,” Listak told TV2.

The deadline for submitting comments on the proposed abortion law ended on March 22.

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