Futora, Volt – The school has introduced a Futora ban

Futora, Volt – The school has introduced a Futora ban

This fall, around 500 students at Sophie Radich School in Lillestrom were told they were no longer allowed to order food and drinks through delivery services such as Futora and Volt. Middlesbrough.

That is, the following sentence is embedded Local disciplinary rules of the school:

“Ordering services for the delivery of food and other items should not be used during school hours.”

Principal Heidi Borgerson Almlit stresses that this is not a widespread problem at the school.

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– Have a responsibility

– We are talking about a few students who ordered food for school, but we saw it happen. This is a secondary school, and we are responsible for the students, including their health. It’s part of our job and we have to have control, Almlit tells Talkbladet.

She doesn’t hide that the food ordered from delivery services is of the unhealthy variety, like kebabs or burgers.

The headmaster only wants to speak for his own school, but feels the problem affects other schools as well.

– There may be some parents who don’t think much of what their kids order for lunch. If someone buys that kind of food, it puts pressure on other students, and we don’t want that, says Almlid.

The principal insists that the ban on ordering junk food during school hours has not led to a dire situation.

– No way. We have a canteen where students can buy food three times a week. Otherwise, we rely on students bringing food from home, says Almlid.

In Lillestrom: Sophie Radich School. Photo: Lillestrom Municipality
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– Officer

Mads Dokka Blybakken, Press Manager and Head of Community Relations at Futora Norway, says that there has been no feedback from schools in Lillestrøm or anywhere else in the country that there are challenges with food distribution during lunch breaks.

Generally, a food delivery service sees a spike in the number of orders during lunch hours.

– Compared to other countries, we Norwegians are still very happy with our food package, so not a big increase, but we are seeing a growth. We also find that the delivery services we offer are very popular in Lillestrom, including with young people, but in fact we have more customers in the 35 to 44-year-old customer group than in the 18- to 24-year-old customer group. , Blybakken tells MittLillestrøm.

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