Gåte is the winner of the Melodi Grand Prix 2024 – Culture and Entertainment NRK

Gåte is the winner of the Melodi Grand Prix 2024 – Culture and Entertainment NRK

“We will do it for you and for the whole world,” said Magnus Bormark, who was in a state of chaos during the voting.

Riddle won by 250 points. KEiiNO was six points behind and was the favorite of the European judging panel.

The outcome was weighted by 60% popular vote and 40% jury vote.

See the full list of results at the bottom of this issue

Voting was sometimes very exciting for Jats.

“I was about to faint, then I thought it was stupid,” Sundli says.

Won't comment

Gåte is looking forward to the possibility of bringing 'Ulveham' to the Eurovision stage, but did not clarify whether they will actually travel and represent Norway in Malmö.

– It should be evaluated in a timely manner. “But now we've won here, and we've focused on the music,” Burmark says.

MGP's music director Stig Karlsen will also not comment on this matter.

“We'll get back to the road ahead later,” Carlsen says.

A week ago, Gåte had to rewrite the MGP song so as not to break the regulations at Eurovision. Bormark did not see this as an obstacle to victory.

– We've been talking about music all week, huh? This shows how Gåte works with Norwegian traditional music.

Greetings to Sweden with Carola

Nine finalists took to the stage this evening in the battle to become Norway's representative in the Eurovision Song Contest.

Before the final, Gatti was the favorite to win. KEiiNO, Erika and Super Rob were interesting.

The evening featured gothic metal, medieval folk songs and fireworks, and one could say it was another final that went down in the MGP history books.

Carola herself, who won for Sweden in the Eurovision Song Contest in 1991 with the song “Fångad av enstormvind”, also appeared on stage tonight.

But not only her. 2009 Eurovision winner Alexander Rybak created an atmosphere with his violin, and Eurovision ring foxes Han Krug and Petan also came and gave a stunning performance.

Tex sang Sweden's 2015 winning song, “Champions”. He had the Palestinian flag drawn on his elbow, while raising his fist in the air.

If that wasn't enough, Ulrike Brandstorp also took the stage to honor “Euphoria,” Loren's 2012 winning song.

Carola during the 2024 MGP Final

Swedish star Carola came to Trondheim Spectrum tonight.

Alexander Rybak during the MGP 2024 final

So did Alexander Rybak.

Han Krug during the 2024 MGP Final

Hanne Krug, who has competed in the Melody Grand Prix three times, let herself swing and rock tonight!

Marion Raven, Carola and Bitan during the MGP final

Marion Raven, Carola and Petain are in harmony.

Ulrikke Brandstorp during the MGP 2024 Final

Former MGP winner Ulrikke Brandstorp.

Discussions about participation

This year's Grand Prix Melody was marked by what is happening in Israel and Palestine.

The petition “Exclude Israel from Eurovision,” created by Norwegian singer and performer Martha Vale, has several thousand signatures.

During the three semi-finals, as well as during tonight's final, protesters gathered outside NRK to demand that Israel be banned from the Eurovision Song Contest in 2024.

The European Broadcasting Union (EBU) had previously announced that it was out of the question to prevent Israel from participating in this year's competition.

Puzzle: – Problematic if Israel participates

Before the final, Gåte stated that they should discuss what they would do if they won the MGP final.

“The extreme and intolerable situation in Gaza must end as quickly as possible,” vocalist Gunhild Sundli said the day before the final.

She added: – We agree within the group that we find that Israel’s participation, as is the case now, is a major problem.

puzzle.  From left: John Stenersen, Gunhild Sonnele, Mats Poulsen, Magnus Bormark, John Even Scherer.

puzzle. From left: John Stenersen, Gunhild Sundli, Mats Poulsen, Magnus Bormark, John Even Scharer.

Photo: Julia Marie Naglestad

This year, the Eurovision Song Contest will be held in Malmö, Sweden.

Norway will play in the second semi-final match on Thursday, May 9. So does Israel.

Why is Israel allowed to participate in Eurovision and not Russia? Both Russia and Israel are at war. Why does one country have the right to participate in Eurovision and not another? Many people find this difficult to understand.

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