May 25, 2022


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GeForce RTX Gets Better Graphics on Friday

GeForce RTX Gets Better Graphics on Friday

AMD has already revealed the “Radeon Super Resolution”.

The driver that activates the DLDSR will arrive on Friday 14th January

The technology will be released during the first quarter in the form of new drivers, and now Nvidia is responding to the competition with a new DLDSR that stands for “Deep Learning Dynamic Super Resolution,” which is a lot more descriptive than AMD’s name for almost the same technology, at least the desired outcome.

DLDSR is a DSR with AI technology so that you can reduce the resolution double, but at the same time you get the same image quality and better performance.

This is an AI or deep learning version of dynamic hyper-resolution that has always been an option.

This is AMD technology that does something similar.

This is how it works:

On January 14, Game Ready Driver updated the Nvidia DSR with AI. DLDSR (Deep Learning Super Resolution) paints the game in higher resolution and in more detail before you intelligently scale the score down to the resolution your monitor is using. This downsampling technology improves image quality by improving detail, smoothing edges, and reducing flicker.


DLDSR uses a lower source resolution.

It promises better performance

DLDSR enhances DSR by implementing an AI network that requires fewer pixels. This means that we can usefully compare the image quality of the DLDSR 2.5x with that of the DSR 4x, but with better performance. DLDSR works in most games with RTX GPUs, thanks to these Tensor Cores graphics cards


The company also announced new Frestyle filters with “Screen Space Ray-Traced Global Illumination” and “Dynamic Depth of Field.” There are also eight new monitors sealed with “G-Sync Compatible” support.


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