Geir-Arne (55) was killed at Braskereidfoss

Geir-Arne (55) was killed at Braskereidfoss

Geir-Arne Lervik was found dead in his own bed at home in Braskereidfoss, Innlandet, on Sunday night.

A press release from the police in Inandat at 14.21 on Tuesday informed the next of kin that the police would release the name.

He was general manager at Stow Camping in Lerwick.

He and his partner are immigrants and have been living in the village of less than 300 people for almost ten years.

His roommate was home when the murder took place. He explained that he did not witness the actual murder.

In front of VG, neighbors and acquaintances describe them as sweet and curious – people who stood up for the village.

VG has tried to contact the murdered Lerwick's legal aid lawyer, so far without success.

Lerwick was active in local politics. He sat on the local association board of Våler Frp and was a deputy member of the municipal council.

A 50-year-old woman has been charged with murder He confessed to the crime. On Monday, he was remanded in custody for four weeks with a letter and visitation ban.

– She is very hurt and sorry for what happened, Frod Abak, the girl's guardian, told VG.

The woman has given various explanations regarding the reason for the murder.

– We have received explanations from the accused and there are explanations that go in different directions when it comes to why this happened, police prosecutor Vibek Stolp Ekland told VG on Tuesday.

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23 people have died so far this year. Last year this number was 39. All murders in Norway since 2000 can be read here:

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