Giant TV: 15 million kroner!

Giant TV: 15 million kroner!

The amount of televisions that Norwegian consumers have at home is increasing. Previously, 32 inches was the standard, but in recent years, both 55 and 65 inches have been the most popular among Norwegian TV buyers, and shows Figures from the electronics industry.

However, these TVs are nothing compared to the massive LG TVs in the Direct View LED (DVLED) series.

325 inches

The new DVLED models vary in size from 108 inches, which isn’t unnaturally large, to a full 325 inches, which would have really upgraded the TV room of most homes in Norway with, dare we say, 8K resolution

And the price? $1.7 million writes Cnet. This equates to 14.80 million at today’s exchange rate. Add the Norwegian VAT and you’ll have a TV that probably costs more than 15 million NOK in this country.

If he came.

65 inch suddenly isn't great anymore after watching huge LG TVs.  Photo: LG

65 inch suddenly isn’t great anymore after watching huge LG TVs. Photo: LG
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Expensive but exciting technology

Cnet explains that unlike other TV technologies, which use an LCD layer to create pixels and illuminate them with separate LEDs, DVLED TVs consist only of LEDs, such as LED Crystal from Sony and Samsung wallwho creates the image.

The technology should be able to offer a better contrast level than OLED, for example, but the challenge is making LEDs small enough, which is one of the reasons these TVs are so big. And yet very expensive.

According to LG, DLVED panels are very bright – up to 1,200 nits. In comparison, the company’s OLED flagship LG C1 has a brightness of just under 800 nits.

Set up your TV

You will hardly find the LG DVLED Extreme Home Cinema system, as the series is called, at your nearest electronics store, but the order will be made through LG’s new dealer solution, which will offer more than 30 pre-made packages of various sizes and resolutions.

If you have set aside 15 million NOK for TV and would like to order a DVLED TV when it eventually becomes available in this country, our installers will come to your home to set up the system for you.

At the same time, it is hoped that technology will be cheaper and more affordable in the coming years.

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