May 28, 2023


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Godsky's response to Glimt's gold celebration: - Betrayal

Godsky’s response to Glimt’s gold celebration: – Betrayal

in a Facebook posts He posted photos from the Elite Series matches and the yellow dress celebration at Mjøndalen.

“One mouthpiece was observed there. A bit like resentment of the yellow and black soccer ball,” he writes, among other things.

to Avisa Nordland Explain:

– It’s just so brutal. For the fourth time, we were able to pull the rug throughout the cultural sector. This is something that happened in a very short time. We don’t know anything about compensation or anything about what’s going on.

The new, stricter Corona restrictions did not apply to the Elite Series, with authorities ensuring that full outdoor stands were still possible.

Joddski tells AN that matches should have gone to empty stands.

Jurgen “Godsky” Nording does not have much left for what he saw in the Norwegian football stadiums in general and Mjondalen in particular. Photo: Gitte Johannessen / NTB

– In this tour, the cultural industry does not get bored. We are upset. It has gone away. Nausea, it thunders.

Joddski himself was supposed to hold a concert in the Svømmehallen Scene at his home in Bodø on Saturday with Tungtvann, but it was postponed.

– It sounds like a betrayal and a mockery of our work.

The Ministry of Culture assured NTB that face masks are however required in the open air as one cannot maintain a distance of one meter. There were many who seemed to break this order in the various arenas on Sunday.