– Improvising the theater or the student tape

- Improvising the theater or the student tape

This week, art students held a temporary exhibition in the private building in Stavanger. They hope that life will return to the workplace again soon.


Catherine Leah (left) and Marilyn Rohm-Rystad are fascinated by the shape of the empty building in the center of Stavanger.

– It was to show the building, says Marilyn Rohm-Rystad (24).

– Then we wanted to show ourselves too, says Catherine Leah (33).

The two belong to the graduating class of the Art School in Stavanger. On Wednesday, they held an hour-long pop-up exhibition with a show in Pedersbakken’s old Radiocentralen building.

– When I saw the building about a year ago, I was surprised that it was empty. It’s an intimidating building, and the shapes are very different from the wooden houses here, Rystad believes.

Radio, T-shirts and Bakery

For a long time, the company held the traditional The radio station in Pedersbachen. In 2017, a T-shirt shop moved into the building, but disappeared a year later.

The system was a Middle Eastern bakery, but they went bankrupt last year. Since then, it has been empty.

– Maybe it could now be an improvement theatre, or a pub for students. Rysstad suggests a getaway in addition to Folken.

Low threshold width, Leah thinks.

The old Radiocentralen building is located in Pedersbakken, not far from Breiavatnet.

Interested restaurants

The store went on sale at the end of August, but it is not yet sold out.

There has been tremendous interest, but so far there are no immediate plans beyond that. Many want to engage in catering, and they have also contacted hairdressers and people working in the health sector. Estate agent Arne Tårup in Kaph Næringsmegling says that renting may also be relevant.

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Price estimate is 5.9 million NOK.

– It’s the style that makes up the entire building, and so it may have a fairly high price range. It is a private building. The word icon was used in the ad, and I hope we’ll find a buyer interested in the building’s facade and history, says Troup.

was demolished

In fact, it is not the original building that stands in Piedersgata today.

The radio station started in 1930, but the house they lived in burned down in 1938. Then the functional building was erected on the site. The shape should mimic a radio with red and white lines. In 2006, it was demolished without permission.

Three years later, it was brought up again, as it had originally been.

Built before demolished.
Reconstruction of the building began in 2008, and it was promised to be identical to the original.

The art students themselves called the room “Retrohuset”.

– I like that it looks retro. I’m a fan of looking back a bit to see where we’re going, says Rysstad.

She and Leah care about the environment, and they didn’t buy new things to create the art that was featured in the pop-up gallery.

It has to do with how conscious or unconscious people are of their own consumption. We don’t want to put a strain on the planet, says Leah.

One of the artworks in the KUNST IG exhibition in which capitalist forces in society participated.
Marilyn Rohm Rystad held a show as part of the exhibition.


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