Good news from a meteorologist: – It’s going to be a great weekend for many

Good news from a meteorologist: - It's going to be a great weekend for many

According to the meteorologist, there are many who can enjoy the weather this coming weekend.

– The weather will be very nice in the next few days. It will be a great weekend for many, says Trine Jonassen, a duty meteorologist for Storm Geo.

Warm in eastern Norway

The weather will be warmer in eastern Norway this weekend. Temperatures above 20 degrees can be expected there. Sørlandet can also expect a lot of nice weather in the next few days.

During the weekend and Monday, there will be nice weather as well. This is because of the high pressure that comes in over the weekend and gives us quieter conditions and dry air.

There will be some rain over western Norway and Trondelag, but this will decrease over the weekend.

Northern Norway can expect rain and small amounts of rain.

And the meteorologist stresses that areas north of Dover will not receive as much rain as they have in recent days, and that the weather will improve over the weekend.

There is low pressure on the northern parts of Sweden and the Gulf of Bothnia. This will move to the northeast during the day. Therefore, large parts of Norway can expect strong winds.

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danger warning

On Saturday, northern Norway expects a northerly breeze. The highest temperature will be 10 degrees.

On Friday, northern Norway will see quite a bit of wind, with a light gale of wind along the coast of Nordland, Troms and west of Finnmark.

The meteorologist describes the unstable weather as a typical summer. This is about convective deposition. The air near the ground is heated by the sun, and rises into the air. When hot air is cooled, it cannot retain moisture. Some of the water vapor condenses and clouds and rain form.

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