Goodiebox – Seems very illogical

Goodiebox - Seems very illogical

Silje Gusfre has been a satisfied customer at Goodiebox for about a year, but this has recently changed. Because she was waiting for parcels that never showed up.

Goodiebox is a popular concept in Norway where every month you get a box containing various beauty products. The contents of the box should come as a surprise, and according to Goodiebox, it should always have a value of over NOK 750.

Waiting for four packages

As a Goodiebox customer, you will be charged about NOK 279 per month, after which you will receive a package in the mail containing various beauty products.

At one point Gusfre was expecting four packages in the mail, for September and October and two boxes she ordered separately with so-called good points.

Gusfre sent several emails to customer service, but only three weeks later she received a response. Gusfre was promised that the parcel would be sent back or she would get the money back, but then silence prevailed.

– When I first called, they were nice and welcoming, but when they were supposed to help me with problems, they didn’t answer until two weeks later, says Gosfer.

Then Gusfre was at the same distance.

– It seems very trivial, especially when you don’t get an answer to anything, she adds.

As of now, she has received a refund for two packages, but she is still waiting for three packages in the mail.

lies flat

Gusfre notes that she has noticed that many other customers have had the same experience as hers.

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– If they continue like this, I think they will lose many customers, she says.

The Goodiebox co-founder explains to DinSide that Gusfre is not the only one in Norway with the same experience.

We’re so sorry, we don’t live up to expectations and it shouldn’t be, says co-founder Nikolai Leonard Haggart at Goodiebox.

Leonard Heggort explains that they usually do not have such problems.

We have changed the stock, which unfortunately caused a lot of delays for some of our members. Plus, we’ve changed the delivery service, he says.

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It should have been more open

Gusfre was surprised that customers received so little information, especially when advertising messages appeared in the mailbox.

– Strangely enough, they don’t publish any post or tell what’s going on in an email. Gosfri explains that if they had only done it, there probably wouldn’t have been much of a fuss about it.

The Goodiebox co-founder thinks this is a good point and fully agrees that they should explain the situation to their clients.

Of course we should have been more open and transparent, I couldn’t agree more, says Leonard Heggart.

– We deeply regret that we were not better at communication, he adds.

I wasn’t expecting much trouble

“Since the problems arose, we’ve hired 21 new people who can help us respond to people,” says Leonard Heggart.

He further explains that on the outside you might think “how hard it is”, but they didn’t expect there to be so many bugs in the department store.

– That’s on us, we started Goodiebox ten years ago and the most important thing for us is the satisfaction of our members. Therefore, we must be better when such a situation arises, he adds.

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Promise that November will be better

Despite the problems that affected many customers, especially in Norway, it seems that they will be resolved soon.

– We are doing everything we can, and we will be there soon, but not yet, he says and continues:

– It looks like November will be better and we are keeping our fingers crossed for that.

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