Google confirms the slowdown in Google TV

A new update should speed up your TV.

Google admits via his blog That the user experience on the company’s TV platform, Google TV, has so far been extremely slow and annoying. Whether you use it via Chromecast or directly on your TV.

There are many TV manufacturers using this platform, such as Sony and TCL, where loading of the main screen and all its submenus has been slow so far.

In the new upcoming update, improvement should be on the way.

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When the new update arrives, scrolling through the menus should be noticeably faster.

The Google TV platform is designed so that you have a number of subject lines below one another in the same main menu, with, for example, recommendations based on what you want to watch. When you hit your way to the main menu on your TV or Chromecast, it took a long time for that content to load. And it was unstable at times.

According to the new post, a lot of improvements lie in processor usage and cache usage, so that menus now load faster.

At the same time, it is indicated that the platform itself will now also require less working memory, so it will be possible to use this to load or store information about the applications you are running.

Presumably, Google has also added a new option under Chromecast settings where you can free up more space by deleting the device’s “cache” and removing apps you don’t use.

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This is supposed to be under Settings > System > Storage.

Google did not specify an update date, but wrote that the update is in the process of rolling out to third-party TVs, and that it will also be available soon for Chromecast users.

(source: The Google)

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