January 27, 2023


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Google Maps HD – Volvo and Polestar first with new Google technology

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(Elbil24): Google Maps HD is a new Google product that will likely be used in many cars eventually, but initially it is owned by Geely Volvo EX90 And Polestar 3.

It may seem like we’re talking about a map service where the user gets a sharper picture with more detail, but the HD part of Google HD Maps is actually hidden more under the hood – at least in front of the user.

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In addition to the usual Google Maps data, “HD” means that Maps also contains much more data than before. For example, information on road signs, signs, and the like.

It will be very useful in terms of driver assistance and self-driving functions in cars. The EX90 and Polestar 3 both come with Android Automotive, Google’s operating system designed for cars.

The introduction of Google HD Maps into our portfolio of future cars means an expansion of our strategic collaboration with Google, which once again reflects our commitment to working with technology leaders. The implementation of Google HD Maps in our future cars will provide drivers with a better driving experience and in the future will contribute to the delivery of safe autonomous driving, says Javier Varela, COO and Executive Vice President of Volvo Cars.

A wealth of sensors

As you know, safety comes first for Volvo with the new EX90 flagship electric car.

Their Pilot Assistant functionality is supported by Google HD Maps and advanced sensor suites with lidar, five radars and eight cameras each. The information is collected and processed by the vehicle’s underlying data system, which is powered by the artificial intelligence platforms of Nvidia Drive Xavier and Orin.

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