Government protects 27 forest areas to ensure biodiversity – NRK Westland

Government protects 27 forest areas to ensure biodiversity – NRK Westland

Govt advertises She protects 27 forest areas spread across eight districts.

Also see an overview map of the area below.

Among the new conservation areas is the Kudalen nature reserve in the municipality of Stott trait Lying on dead wood with lungworms and hanging lichens.

Such habitat is crucial for many species in Norway Red list.

I want to increase the pace of forest conservation. Climate and Environment Minister Andras Bjelland Eriksen says it is essential to ensure rich diversity in Norwegian forests.

Cow Valley

This is Gudalen in Westland. Forests cover approximately 37 percent of Norway’s land area. Since the Voluntary Conservation Program was launched in 2003, nearly 900 areas have been voluntarily protected.

Cow Valley

Almost half of Norway’s red-listed species – 1,330 species or 48 percent of red-listed species – live wholly or partly in forests.

Cow Valley

By implementing the Storting’s message Nature – Norwegian Action Plan for Natural Diversity, the Storting decided to increase forest protection in Norway to 10 percent of the forest area.

It makes me happy and proud

With the new decision, a total of 5.3 percent of Norway’s forests are protected. Official destination 10 percent.

Progress is therefore controversial, and was last seen on the agenda when the government proposed cutting the forest conservation pot in the national budget.

After massive objections In the final budget submission the government backtracked and “found” a billion kroner to compensate forest owners who came forward to protect the forests.

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At the top, the government buys itself from one “The EEA Problem” By placing NOK 3 billion on the table Forest debt in Europe.

Storting representative Alfred Bjorlo (V) was formerly the mayor of the municipality, which now enjoys its own natural presence.

It makes me happy and proud on behalf of Stad and Nordfjord! Nature is under great pressure and it is important to take care of untouched forest areas, he says.

– It’s a great Christmas present for the Nordfjord and nature. The next step is to speed up the protection of vulnerable areas at sea, says Alfred Bjorlo.

Photo: Ned Alley / NTB

On Wednesday, he and several Liberal colleagues offered one Representative proposal About old-growth forests for Storting.

In Norway, old-growth forests are defined as forests with trees older than 160 years and which have had little effect from previous interventions.

The European Union decided to ban logging in old-growth forests by 2021, and liberals are calling for a similar ban in Norway.

Through several cases, NRK focused on weaknesses in governance, and in October Økokrim warned of illegal recording in a new report.

Conservation Program for Forests

The government this week announced the protection of 27 forest areas spread across eight districts.

Forest owners cannot be expected to voluntarily set fire to the forest

The protected area in Aurskog-Høland is the first purpose-controlled protected area in Norway. Safety burn.

Forest owners cannot be expected to voluntarily set fire to their forests without compensation. But in a protected area adapted to such care, it may be appropriate, says Ida Aro, a consultant at the Norwegian Foresters’ Association.

The new preserve includes broadleaf forests in southern Norway, northern birch forests in Tromsø and many conifer forests in eastern Norway.

Lord Caroline sits on the bank

– Now it will be a good Christmas for both endangered species, who will have a safe place to live, and for landowners who have long waited for compensation for conservation, says Carolyn Andar, Secretary General of WWF Verdsnaturfondet.

Photo: Elin Ike Warren

Landowners still have hunting and trapping rights, and commoners can still use the area for simple outdoor activities and picking edible mushrooms and berries.

Caroline Lord, Secretary General of WWF Wertsnaderfonds Forest conservation calls it “the most important tool for protecting unique forest types and habitats.”

If we are to manage to prevent the continued loss of nature, we must take care of the oldest and most diverse forests. Such networks of many interconnected regions are absolutely critical to the survival of species.

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