Haaland on ‘Nightmares’: – It’s only good

Haaland on ‘Nightmares’: – It’s only good

When he took off his shirt after the match against Everton on May 14, everyone could see the result of Haaland’s new status as “the most wanted” between defenders at home and abroad.

Haaland’s journey towards becoming the world’s most feared attacking player has a price; Defenders use increasingly exciting and extreme tactics to try and stop the goal machine.

It was evident last summer, when Swede Aleksander Milosevic threatened to break his legs and call him a “bitch” in a bid to get him fired.

In the past month, two defenders in particular have stood out in Haaland’s special treatment:

Real Madrid’s Antonio Rudiger invaded Yerbo’s intimate area in a way that would have made a girl-hoy cry two years ago. TV2 football expert Yaw Amankwah called the man’s censorship a “nightmare”, Spanish media wrote that Haaland was “eaten”, clips of the duels between them went viral, and Pep Guardiola later congratulated the Madrid man on the job.

A few days later, Haaland was apparently pinched and scratched in duels against Everton stopper Yerry Mina. This made Pep Guardiola react and say that “what he is doing is unnecessary.” The City manager got angry and confronted Mina after the match.

When Haaland went off after the game, his “war wounds” – as the English media dubbed them – were evident. The Norwegian had red marks and cuts on his stomach and arms.

Now, Haaland tells TV 2 how he counters the unorthodox tricks that are being used more and more against him on the pitch. The answer may seem surprising.

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– I think it’s only good that they focus on me, he says.

Haaland smiles.

– This means that there will be more space for others in the team. He continues: They just have to focus on me as much as possible, then there will be room for others.

There is no reason to think he will spare Inter in the Champions League final. No one is more famous for his trickery and difficult duels than the Italian centre-back.

Inter goalkeeper Alessandro Bastoni admitted he was inspired by Rüdiger’s exploits in preparation for the final.

– Rüdiger did a good job of stopping him. Bastoni says, I will follow suit.

Despite the constant provocations, harsh tackles, and rule violations against him, Haaland never seems to allow himself to be provoked. The games against Everton are the only time he’s looked really upset this season.

– How do you work to avoid provocation?

– it’s no problem. I enjoy myself on the field. I try to enjoy every day being a footballer, Haaland tells TV2 and reveals what makes him think of avoiding falling into the traps of defenders:

– There will come a day when I am no longer a footballer, and then there will be no going back, so it is important to enjoy it.

Inter can find hope in Haaland’s scoring form before the final, as Jærbow has scored just one goal in their last seven matches.

– You can also consider that I scored 52 goals in 52 games. Was it one goal in seven games that you said? You can think of it this way too. I really don’t care about that at all, the lampshade smiled.

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