December 8, 2022


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Hamze Hashi Adan (20) assisted after Mortensrut murder - Viji

Hamze Hashi Adan (20) assisted after Mortensrut murder – Viji

TOTAL: Several hundred people stand together in prayer during the funeral of Hamz Hashi Adan at the Alphaset Cemetery in Oslo.

One week after the assassination of ALFASET (VG), hundreds of people gathered for the funeral of 20-year-old Hamze Hashi Adan.


At the Alphaset Cemetery in Oslo, they stand close by to commemorate Hamze Hashi Adan, 20. The heads are bent and the palms are facing in prayer led by the Imam.

Among those present is a 20-year-old family. People on all sides around them are holding each other and crying – many of them are very young.

Adam is blue One week ago, he was shot dead on Thursday night at Loughs Street School in Mortens Road. And died Friday of injuries. No one has yet been arrested or charged in this case.

Killed: Hamze Hashi Adan was shot dead outside a Lofsrot school last week.

After the prayer, the entourage goes to the cemetery, where six shovels are planted on the mound. The semicircle that had gathered around the tomb was gradually opened, and a white coffin was carried by the people dressed in black.

Several hundred people gathered at the cemetery, shedding tears and throwing roses at the 20-year-old’s grave.

– The family is broken. They are in indescribable pain, Assistant Attorney Farid Bauras told Viji earlier.

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According to Bauras, there was a group of 15-16 young people who were together outside the school on Thursday night. It is said that a tall man wearing a mask approached them and opened fire.

Police are fully investigating the case with great evidence.

– The case should be settled soon, but we have a lot more information in this case and we hope to clarify, police prosecutor Berg Enoxon told Viji on Wednesday.