Handball, Thorir Hergerson | Norway is shocked by the pictures: – Thorer would never do that!

Handball, Thorir Hergerson |  Norway is shocked by the pictures: – Thorer would never do that!

Herning/Silkeborg (Netafsen): Thorer Hergerson and Olivier Krumbolz. Managers of the national teams of each major country in women’s handball.

Hergerson was a World Cup and European Commission champion, while Krumbolz led the French girls to an unprecedented Olympic gold medal in Tokyo.

France are the only team in this year’s tournament to beat Norway, an incredible 24-23 win.

They will meet on Sunday in another battle for the coaches’ seats, with the winner being crowned world champion.

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Mork: – It was special

They both have a calm and reasonable training style.

On the other hand, Netavesin noted that the routines during the national anthem are relatively different.

Hergerson speaks exclusively about to make And the team, He always stands alongside his coaching team of Tonji Larsen, Mats Olsson, Aina Emmaus and Nina Markussen.

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In France, on the other hand, the destination is completely different. As Olivier Krumpholz stands several meters away from his support device, in solitary majesty.

See the difference by scrolling below:


TOGETHER: Thorir Hergeirsson and the rest of the team are always tightly packed, or holding each other, when the national anthem is played.
Image: NTP

2 / 2

Distance: Olivier Krumbolz (10th), on the other hand, likes to defend himself, here from the main round match against Norway in Trondheim.
Photo: Daniel Osterheim (Netavisen)

However, the reason why Krumbolz chose to stand alone is unknown. But Norway’s great star, Nora Mörk, is clearly something you won’t see on the Norwegian bench.

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– He’s driving alone, yes, you say, when Netavicin shows the photo of the France coach.

– Can Thorir do that?

– no never. Thorir is a slightly different species, so he could never do that! “It was special,” Mork says and laughs.

However, she pays tribute to the legendary coach who announced his retirement after the 2024 Olympics.

-I don’t know him personally, but he’s an old fox in this game. He has proven time and time again that France can be relied upon. At one point he was out, but they wanted him back. He pulled the longest straw last time, and I also hope we can do the same in the final, concludes Mork.

Larsen: -Screw

National team assistant Toni Larsen laughs at Netavisen’s photo and gives her opinion on what she would have thought if Hergerson had preferred to stand alone during the national anthem.

– I don’t know him well, but he was with the national team for a long time. Even when I was playing and coaching youth teams when I was young. He is a great coach and has achieved great things with the French national team.

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-But he definitely needs some time to himself, and is probably thinking terribly about that brief moment he has alone there as well. “It’s the screw,” she said with a twinkle in her eye.

It continues:

-Thorer is very professional in teamwork, so I don’t think he will stand like this. It is not certain that Olivier thinks so himself.

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TV 2 expert in training fencing

Bentville has followed the coaches throughout her career and was impressed that there was proper athletic competition on the women’s side.

– Olivier Crombholz put French women’s handball on the map in his time and was absolutely crucial to what they achieved in the last 20 years. He is professional and knows handball, so overall he is a very good handball coach.

– How do you see training fencing?

– It is difficult to pit them against each other. Thorir’s advantages speak for themselves, with gold across the board. But France emerged as a clear competitor, and became a player to be reckoned with in major tournaments.

Savil does not necessarily believe that the French coach has any tactical advantage, despite the victory in Trondheim.

– The match was marginal, as Skogrand shot into the goalkeeper’s legs to equalize. France played very good defense and made it difficult for Norway.

On Sunday, the big final of the World Cup in Herning between the two countries awaits. The match starts at 19:00.

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