Hanne Sørvaag: – On grief:

Hanne Sørvaag: - On grief:

We ache, grief is great, and loss is painful.

The artist said Hanne Sørvaag (42) to see and hear At the end of March. At that time, she shared the sad news that she lost his father.

A lump in the chest

Now she opens up more about the loss and grief of her father, which is something she does on podcasts “What if all goes well?”Which she has with Ricky Oberg Thorkelsen.

It hurts to lose a parent. Something is basically all falling apart. She said candidly on the podcast that it was strange to be in a world where my father was no longer.

As mentioned, his father passed away only a short time ago. At the same time, the 42-year-old says, it seems like forever.

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– It was such a big wave that swept over me that I thought it would frustrate me. Now the sea, but not the tsunami.

She also talks candidly about what it’s like to talk about losing someone you love.

I feel like something is bothering me. I feel tension and knots in my chest. She says it hurts to approach her because it hurts so much.

See and Hear has been in contact with Hanne Sørvaag who is aware that the issue is under discussion. However, she does not wish to comment further.

– injury

When Hanne herself shared the sad news at the end of March, she wrote the following on Instagram:

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‘As long as we hold you. Thank you for all that you have been, thank you for every little memory, dear father.”

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At the time, she told See and Hear that her father had been suffering from heart problems for several years.

– He died on a farm in Sørvåg on Thursday last week. She said frankly: We are hurting, the grief is great, the loss is painful.

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