Harald Ea, The Game | Harald Ea rejects this: – I don't want to be petty

Harald Ea, The Game |  Harald Ea rejects this: – I don't want to be petty

Harald Ea (57 years old) is a creative person who in recent years has combined his career as a comedian with his education as a sociologist.

He is probably best known for a number of comedy programs on NRK, in collaboration with, among others, Bård Tufte Johansen (54) and Atle Antonsen (54).

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After the spring semester, he takes part in the TV 2 programs “Vinnerschkalle” and the main project “The Game”, in the latter of which he will observe, analyse, reflect and comment on twelve celebrity participants during an intense psychological game.

Eia's job is therefore somewhat more relaxed than the other participants, and after observing half of the recording, it became quite clear that he would not have been involved as a participant himself.

Protects privacy

Throughout his long television career, the comedian has stayed away from most reality shows, although he occasionally enjoys them as an audience member.

-I don't really want to show who I am when I feel exhausted, tired, and also angry. “It's not everyone you want to show your true personality to,” Eia tells Nettavisen, adding:

– I can be stupid on TV, that is, but I don't want to be stupid, for example. And it often becomes so in such concepts. It is a bit difficult to maintain one's dignity.

For Eia, the main reason he was attracted to “The Game” was his background in sociology, despite the fact that he usually does not accept such offers. Although the show is a form of reality television, he did not want to get involved in the drama itself.

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So having the opportunity to sit safely in the studio as an observer was crucial to him. He had no interest in joining as an active participant.

-I don't know how good I'll be at it. I'm probably good at the game itself, but I can quickly get overwhelmed by the social aspect and get tired of being with people all the time.

– Introvert

According to Eia, being open in concepts like the upcoming TV 2 show is clearly an advantage. After watching two episodes, the comedian concluded that joining seemed tiring.

– Vidar Magnussen, for example, finds you tired in your head. “I need to withdraw, because I'm a bit of an introvert,” says Eya.

Although the comedian stays away from this kind of reality, the 57-year-old has made a few exceptions. In the past he participated in both “Kongen befaler” and “Alltid beredt” on TVNorge, a form of reality show.

– But it doesn't matter. Then we arrived at eight in the morning and left again at four. He points out that we pretended to be sleeping there, so it wasn't real.

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