He confirms that the concept car will go into series production

He confirms that the concept car will go into series production
Unveiling: Thomas Schaeffer, one of the bosses of Volkswagen, had the honor of showing the new ID.GTI concept in Munich on Sunday evening.

Does what you see here point to a new design direction for Volkswagen?

On Sunday evening, the Volkswagen Group invited 400 guests to a press event ahead of the IAA Motor Show in Munich, which officially begins on Tuesday.

Here, the car manufacturer was able to show its electric ID.GTI Concept for the first time to select segments of the auto industry.

It will be more design driven

Volkswagen will release 11 new electric vehicle models by 2027. And now the GTI gets a new name in the ID’s portfolio when it’s put into mass production.

Volkswagen confirms in a press release The car will not be stranded in the concept stage, but they will launch a production version of the model.

Some might think the concept car’s styling is a little different from what we’ve seen with ID range passenger cars so far.

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At least Volkswagen boss Oliver Blum does the following:

– Successful design is essential to impress our customers. The Volkswagen Group will become a more design-led company, with designers getting closer to decisions, says Oliver Blume, Volkswagen Group director, in the press release.

Now the brand’s rich legacy of GTI tradition will carry on into the future, so we’ll see what it will actually look like when it enters series production, perhaps not too long from now.

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