Plane crash in Totton: – Local community stands up:

Plane crash in Totton: – Local community stands up:

Fredrik Løvbrøtte Holthe (33) from Copenhagen and Odd Normann Strande (56) from Raufoss died in the plane crash at Reinsvoll Airport on Monday 28 August.

A collection has now been set up at Spleis in memory of Odd Normann. In accordance with Strande’s wishes, wife Trine Gravdal, the proceeds will be shared between Geovic and Totten Flyclub.

Trine died of diabetes when her oldest son was 22 years old.

– Trine tells Dogbladet that I cried on Od Nordman’s shoulder then.

Now she is moved to see everyone showing their support after the accident.

– Now the whole community stands up. They don’t give us anything back, but it warms up.

Two people have been confirmed dead after a small plane crashed at Rainswall Airport in the municipality of Vestre Totten on Monday, August 28. Video: Dagbladet TV. Correspondent: Johannes Fijelt / Dogbladet
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– Tough

Odd Norman is described as a very loving husband and family man.

– Spice says he took care of everyone around him.

Police received the first report of the crash in Vestre Toten at 6.55pm on Monday last week.

A short time later, both were confirmed dead. Many of their relatives were at the airport when the accident took place.

Vestre Totten’s mayor, Stien Olafsen (AP), was moved when he spoke about the incident.

– We are ready to take care of people. Olafsen told Talkblade that if such an accident happened, it would be difficult for both the relatives and the local community.

Focuses on aviation safety

– I made Splice so I could give Trine Odd Norman the funeral she wanted without worrying about the cost.

That’s what Krai Sinnerud, creator of Splice, tells Talkblade. At the time of writing, over NOK 110,000 has been collected.

Collects funeral expenses. The money will be shared with the Flying Club to continue Od Norman’s passion for improving security around the airport.

Fredrik (33) and Odd (56) died in the plane crash

– Ott Norman was very concerned about safety, there were a lot of goats and cows on the runway this summer. This is a major risk factor, says the report on fundraising.

It added that the Flying Club has lost a great enthusiast and resource person.

– Flying was odd Norman’s great passion and he spent most of his time doing it.

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