Light rail will not stop at Danmarks Place, Florida and Nygard on Sunday. This is the description of Skies.

Light rail will not stop at Danmarks Place, Florida and Nygard on Sunday.  This is the description of Skies.

– Skies says no additional bus has been laid.

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Due to track work on Sunday 29 October, the Bypanen will not run beyond stops at Danmarks Place, Florida and Nygard.

Line 1 between Bergen city center and Bergen Airport, which usually stops at the stops mentioned above, instead runs the same route as Line 2 between Kronstadt and the bus station.

– Hit Caroline’s rage on Skis that this is the first time Line 2’s track has been used to run Line 1.

In short:

  • The work begins on Sunday morning. If the work is completed before the end of the day, Line 1 will again follow the regular route.
  • At the bus station, not the regular covered stop, but the Line 2 stop near the Addo and Freight Terminal.
  • There are also alternative platforms in Kronstadt, marked F (towards Flesland) and E (towards the centre).
  • Line 2 works as usual.

Thinking of something else? Below is everything you need to know.

Skies created this map in connection with the closure of the light rail line between Kronstadt and Bergen bus station on Sunday.

Bybanon’s line 1 runs here

From Flesland to Braun Stadion, Line 1 is running normally. At Kronstadt, just before the stop, line 1 turns right.

Skies uses an “extra track” at Kronstadt, the corresponding platforms are marked F and E. According to Skys, it takes about one minute to get to the two alternate platforms from the regular Line 1 stop in Kronstadt.

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The video below shows how to get from the closed platform in Kronstadt to Line 1 – the temporary platform that will be in place throughout Sunday.

From there, the route passes through Haagland Hospital and Flon.

– Avesam says no additional bus has been laid.

Below are alternatives to get to your destination from closed light rail stops.


To/from Nygard

Light rail stop at Nygard.

If you regularly climb and descend the Bibanon in Nygard, Skies recommends the following:

  • Towards Flesland: From the stop near Søtt & Salt and Bunnpris, bus number 12 Lægdene/Montana goes every half hour to Haukeland Hospital, where Bybanen’s line 1 continues from platform C to the airport.
  • Toward downtown, Florida and Danmarks Plaza: Have you used a route that runs “all the time” and you don’t have to check the timetables? If you visit one of these places, it’s a good idea to get your feet wet. From the bus station. About five minutes away, both bus and train go all over Bergen.
  • To Kronstadt: If you don’t want to wait for the bus, it’s a 28-minute walk to the light rail stop there.


To/from Florida

A light rail stop in Florida.

With a light rail stop in Florida as a starting point, Skies proposes these options:

  • Towards Flesland: From the stop near the silver gray building with blue windows, bus number 12 Lægdene/Montana goes to Haukeland Hospital every half hour. There you can take the Paipanen line to the airport on platform C.
  • To Danmarksplass or Kronstadt: The former takes just over ten minutes to walk, while Kronstadt takes 23 minutes. If the city bike is optional, it costs NOK 39 per trip. Florida has a bicycle station near a light rail stop.
  • To the center: It takes 12 minutes to walk to the bus station or bus number 12 goes through the center of Lønborg.
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Location of Denmark

Light rail on the way to Danmarks Place.

There are several bus stops in the Danmarksplass area and thus many bus routes. If you don’t know where to go to the right bus stop with your tongue in your mouth here.

Skies recommends the following – or travelers use the itinerary to find others Travel options:

  • Bypanen towards Flesland: To board the Bypanen towards the airport, take the 20 Haagland/Nestun line to Haagland Hospital from the bus stop near the small football stadium in Kronsminde. Another option is to go to the light rail stop in Kronstadt, which is less than fifteen minutes away.
  • Towards the city centre: One is the same as the point above, but take the Bybanon from Hackland Hospital towards the city centre. Or take one of the following buses to the bus station: lines 51, 67, 83 and 600. All buses are marked “Bergen Bus Station” and all buses depart from the bus stop at E39 Fjøsangerveien with charging stations.
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