Flume peak “Hans” reached in several places after extreme weather – NRK Norway – Overview of news from different parts of the country

Flume peak “Hans” reached in several places after extreme weather – NRK Norway – Overview of news from different parts of the country

On Sunday, NVE reported that the blaze may have reached its peak in many places after last week’s severe weather. But the report said that there is still a risk of flooding in many places in the affected area varsom.no

The warning is still at red level in Tyrifjorden, while the rest of Drammensvassdraget is now at orange level.

An orange alert has also been sent to Glomma and Mjøsa.

But even if the embarrassment has eased, the danger is not over, says Ivor Berthling, head of division at NVE.

– We have a continuous situation. That means there is plenty of water in the waterway, even if the plume is on its way back. As water recedes, the risk of landslides increases.

The fluff can be stretched over

On Tuesday, more rain was reported in flood-affected areas. Then the water may rise again a little, for example in the area around the gloma.

– We think it will extend the flume peak, but it’s unlikely to be significant, says Berthling.

Head of Division for Landslide Warning at NVE, Ivar Berthling.

Photo: Christian Breitlit / NRK

He says they are working closely with emergency responders in district councils and state administrators to control damage.

– The power company has also done their best to regulate the waterways to mitigate the damage after the floods.

Actions should be evaluated

Norway’s governing authorities have received criticism for doing a poor job of flood protection. Now the evaluation work begins after extreme weather “hans”. But Berthling says we are seeing the results of the actions taken.

– Flume zone map and hazard zone map are important. They have helped us to effectively evacuate the exposed areas.

Physical security measures also worked. Brandbu recently completed flu protection and it worked well, says Berthling. Flood protection in Mjøndalen and avalanche protection in Lom are also examples of measures that have done the job, he says.

Many evacuees have returned home

In Ringerike municipality, almost half of the evacuees at Hønefoss were able to return to their homes. But 1,054 people still have to stay in hotels as the danger persists.

It is still uncertain when they will be able to go home, says emergency manager Magnus Nilholm.

– We don’t have a timeline for when that will happen. Risk assessments are the deciding factor.

The emergency manager in Tyrifjorden is Ringerike, Magnus Nilholm

Magnus Nilholm, emergency manager in the municipality of Ringerike, sees smoke damage in many parts of the municipality.

Photo: Sander Heckheim / NRK

He says surveys have been carried out to check the river bed and see how far the erosion has progressed, which determines further progress.

– We see that the flume has caused damage to pavements and infrastructure in Hønefoss, among others, but there is also some damage to other parts of the municipality exposed by the flume.

Roads and railways have reopened

After several road and rail closures in recent days, travel between east and west, among others between Oslo and Trondheim, has been difficult.

But now all major roads are open, although there may be some lane closures and local diversions. Also, some district roads are closed.

The Norwegian Public Roads Administration encourages people Check road notifications onlineAnd heavy traffic uses Highway 3 between Oslo and Trondheim.

As for the train, it is still closed at Tovrebanen, but Bergensbanen is open between Bergen and Keilo. Wai says there will be two trains in each direction on Monday. Additionally, there are buses and trains between Keilo and Oslo.

Additionally, there are reports of delays and cancellations on Gardermobanen and Sørlandsbanen.

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