Ferhat Güven, Trondheim | Ferhat Güven, a right-wing city councilor in Trondheim, resigned after being declared bankrupt

Ferhat Güven, Trondheim |  Ferhat Güven, a right-wing city councilor in Trondheim, resigned after being declared bankrupt

(Nidaros): “Today I informed the incoming city council president Kristian Dahlberg Hauge that I do not want to take office as city council on June 13. I have talked with family, friends and colleagues throughout the weekend and have come to the conclusion that I should not join the city council at this time,” said the Conservative Party city councilor in Trondheim. Councilor Ferhat Guen writes in a journal. Released on Tuesday.

Gwen was revealed last week Must have been involved in serious bankruptcies.

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“The case published before the end of the week has caused demand and unrest. It is necessary for me to take a step back to give peace of mind to the City Council and the President of the City Council when Parliament is introduced on June 13,” he further writes in the press release.

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will continue

Guen also writes that Hóirin will be an active contributor to the City Council Committee and will participate in important work being done in the City Council regarding the introduction of parliamentarism:

“I was first elected to the city council in 2011, and I believe I have a political position and experience that will be useful as we work together to shape the way in which Trondheim is governed. After the election in September, I had the pleasure of being at the center of preparing the cooperative platform and now creating the team that governs the city, which I love so much. I had the opportunity to influence the administration of the city.”

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Feet on the ground

It is not entirely clear how he will contribute politically going forward.

“In the future, I would like to set my feet on the ground to find out how I can contribute to the recovery of municipal financial control and how the city council can lay the foundation for safe financial management. At the same time, my role in preparing the cooperation agreement and platform enables me to find good political solutions with parties that do not sit in the city council. I believe so,” says Gwen's press release.

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