pride, flag of pride | A view of the glorious month

pride, flag of pride |  A view of the glorious month

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We are once again in the days when the rainbow flag flies in the air in various forms wherever we go.

Residents of Skråplanet roam the streets wearing fetish gear, and politicians proclaim how important it is to have an open society where everyone is accepted and welcome, including so-called LGBTQ+ people, i.e. residents of Skråplanet, or in other words: queer.

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There is much more to say about this and the queer milieu/queer movement/LHBTQ+ milieu/movement and the ideological framework within which they operate, but that will have to be the subject of another post.

For me, the important here and now is to convey the following:

Being bi or gay is not queer or being called LGBTQ+.

As a gay man, I'm tired of being taken for queerness, queer identity, LHB's forced association with everything possible between heaven and earth — and a movement that promotes political goals I oppose.

Publicly announcing my orientation is unfortunate because it is completely irrelevant to most of what I do.

Eric Stephenson: We still have to fly the rainbow flag high and free

But as politicians and the media play with queerness, accepting unchallenged their illegal claims about bi and gay people, it is unfortunately necessary to do both, as well as say the following:

1. Queer people only speak on behalf of queer bi and gay people, not bi and gay people.

2. I am asked not to be accused of being queer and a so-called LGBTQ+ person.

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3. A view of the glorious month.

4. Inextricably linked to the queer movement, the Pride flag has nothing to do with divisive and public buildings. It is especially bad to see the flag flying in kindergartens and schools, given the associations it brings.

Is it bent? No thank you

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