Help! Experts around the world search for lost Beatles music – NRK Culture & Entertainment

Help!  Experts around the world search for lost Beatles music – NRK Culture & Entertainment

If you were Paul McCartney’s guitarist, you’d have a lot of fun. The Beatles legend bought a Hofner bass at Hamburg’s Steinway Musikhaus in 1961, then paid around NOK 400 for it, according to him. BBC.

It was a lot at the time, but it wasn’t the cost that bothered McCartney, it was the sentimental value. And it sure was fun to play with, too, as she appeared on classics like “Love me do” and “She Loves You.”

I got cold

After the guitar had been in the bass group for eight years, it disappeared in 1969. Nick Vass previously worked for Hofner for 12 years and has now started a worldwide bass hunt with a couple of journalists.

It wasn’t just the sound McCartney liked. He also felt cold with her.

– I’m left-handed, and this hand was symmetrical. Then I looked less stupid. Maca says: I fell in love with it instantly Watchman.

Paul McCartney performing from bass to host Ed Sullivan in New York in 1964.

Photo: AP/NTP

Wass says he recently spoke with McCartney about bass, and that it was around that time that the idea for Universal Chase was born.

Prospecting journalists will “investigate” after which Wass will validate him if they obtain information or come across potential candidates. Many rumors have circulated over the years, but they have disappeared without a trace.

– Someone who knows something

– Although no one knows what really happened, it’s possible that it was stolen. But somewhere out there, someone knows that, says Fez, who created the site lost bass.

Wass also wrote a deeper analysis of the Höfner 500/1 Violin Bass Guitar World.

Paul McCartney moved on with life, and had some successes later in his career, to put it mildly.

– I’ve had a Hofner since I started, but the old one is still my favourite, McCartney said.

The Beatles disbanded in 1970, shortly after the bass disappeared – with nothing to do with the breakup.

For nearly a decade, the English have enchanted the world with their music, which has been produced at a high tempo and intense.

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